Merlin’s Spell On My Life

ShareTweet I hadn’t fully understood the massive impact that the BBC series Merlin had been on my life until it ended. The feelings that overcame me were a total and complete surprise. Why was the ending of this show so devastating? That is the question … Continue reading

Merlin & Spirituality : Not just Magic but Spiritual Truths

ShareTweet Is Merlin a Spiritual show? It is for me…..  and I believe at least one or more or maybe all of the writers intentionally wrote spiritual themes into the whole series; there is more than one scene that was, … Continue reading

Merlin : Real Romance at Last

ShareTweet Much has been written about the “bromance” between Merlin (Colin Morgan)  and Arthur (Bradley James).      Quite a lot has been written about the romance between Arthur and Gwinevere (Angel Coulby). Whichever way you look at it, over … Continue reading

The Magic of Merlin : Endings & Beginnings…. Arthur Lives Again!

ShareTweet Is Merlin really over?   No!     For those of us who love Merlin, the BBC Series that came to a sad close on Xmas Eve, the answer is no, it cannot be. ‘ There can be a … Continue reading

Why do so many people mourn the death of Arthur?

ShareTweet It is 3 days since I watched the final episode of “Merlin” on Christmas Eve.    The tears still stream down my face every time I think about Arthur’s death.     I am bereft.  It is as though … Continue reading