Merlin’s End : Unfulfilled

merlin-season-5 (1)*  Judgement Error?

One look at the reaction to the end of Merlin might lead to the conclusion that someone, somewhere made a serious judgement error.      That is obvious from the enormous reaction out on the web firstly to the announcement of the end of Series 5, but secondly & more importantly looking at the enormous output since the series ended.     Just take a surf through the web and take note of the grief, outrage, disappointment, incredulity and pure angst that the series came to an end the way it did.

* Fans Happy with the end?

Merlin & Arthur

“we think the fans will be happy with the way the series ends”   WRONG!    Just take a brief  poll of all the comments on any site (including this one) and you will see that less than 1% of comments are happy with the way it ended.


*  Promises Unfulfilled

Once the pure grief at the way the series ended subsided, the main complaint from people around the world was this:    the series did not deliver on any of the promises that kept us watching for 5 years.  


–  Merlin revealing his magic and being able to use if freely in a Camelot where magic is accepted again.    No, we didn’t see that.   We saw 10 minutes of Arthur knowing before he died

–  The glorious days of Albion where Merlin, Arthur et al live in this wonderful place they fought so hard to create.   No, we didn’t see that either.    It was created and then Arthur died.

–  Aithusa, who Kilgharrah said “bodes well for the land of Albion that you and Arthur will create”  … didn’t see Aithusa helping to create that or being in it.

–  End result?   We feel cheated!   Please take note attention writers, producers, directors, actors, creators

Merlin’s End was unfulfilled.    So too are we.  The vast majority of Merlin viewers are very unhappy about the ending of Series 5.    We are not unreasonable, we know that a series must come to an end at some point but then please end it in keeping with the spirit with which the series ran for 5 years.    Revealing Merlin’s magic and the Golden Age of Camelot cannot be accomplished in two episodes.     So, please, re-write the end of Series 5, or do a Series 6 even if it’s in a year’s time or a movie with the same cast.    (see Mission Statement).    Thank you.


Quick note on Merlin’s audience:  

These are not teenage girl fans sharing their angst because they can no longer ooh and ahh over Colin and Bradley on Saturday nights (no judgment intended, this is perfectly valid and understandable), no these are men & women of all ages, many “middle aged” if you like who found themselves doing something they had never done before:  taking the time to write something, comment and agree that a/ they were disappointed at how the series came to an abrupt end without fulfilling any of the implied promises over the 5 years and b/ wanting more Merlin.    Why is that?    What was so compulsive & captivating about Merlin?      Click on Magic of Merlin in the Menu bar above.  .


If you want to help bring Merlin back… please read Mission Statement above, sign up, comment share.   Thank you! 


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Merlin’s End : Unfulfilled — 165 Comments

  1. I was honestly okay with the ending. Given the state of the world and perhaps the limitations of what can be fed to and received by the audience at this time. What a tear-jerker. Honestly… I feel like writers, in their humanity, found themselves in too deep. Like to be able to write something so epic and ecstatic as what was to come when Magic flowed freely in Camelot…. was too much for the writers to handle or too much for the audience at this time to “handle” or both. In addition, I think the actors were done. The interviews with the actors always speak of 5 seasons, 5 years, nobody as far as I knew confirmed a 6th season. Bradley James stated openly at the end he had been unhappy with the development (or lack thereof) his character and Gwen’s and I think for good reasons. As diplomatic, polite, and classy as Angel has always been I could even see her going through the motions describing the unfortunately one dimensional state of her character for promotions toward the end. Servant Gwen—>Queen Guinevere was far more powerful as a Symbol than what the actress herself actually got to work with day to day, her screen time being so limited. At least in what I have watched of Bradley and Angel, they both seemed ready to move on. In contrast to the issue of her limited screen time, as a Symbol, the attention to detail given to her character was huge– her deeply personal relationship with each of the Knights of Arthur’s round table… having worked in Sir Leon’s household as a child, sibling of Elyan, etc…. that gave each knight deeply personal reason to fight for her and protect her until the end, her social status arc, going essentially form 0mph to 100mph, servant to queen in one lifetime, her personality arc, going from bumbling and unconfident to regal and the epitome of self-realization… in just a few years. In contrast, Arthur the character seemed to make the same mistakes over and over and over again for much of the 5 seasons until the end and stay in the same dim mindset that so much of the plot stagnated around.

    Symbolically it was well expressed by the series, that it was Queen Guinevere, a black woman, who would bring peace and freedom to Be to Camelot… upon Arthur’s ascent beyond this Earth. In current society, there are few demographics that is more collectively oppressed than black women (apologies for the American-centric nature of that statistic… I imagine it is true in the UK too…) And her solitary sovereign reign throughout Camelot (metaphorical for heaven-on-earth, I believe) represents the prophesy for the future where one day the world “will be turned upside down” and the most oppressed will be revealed as having always been the most powerful of them All. Angel Coulby as Queen Guinevere succeeding Arthur’s throne as the sole sovereign, she in and of herself is a symbol of the merging of the 5D and the 3D.. As above, So below.

    I can only imagine that 1. the writers were overwhelmed at the idea of depicting that in a way that could be understood by the masses and 2. the collective audience, with that particular faction being so vocal about their hatred of the idea of a Black Queen who simultaneously contains both the energetics of the common folk and the One True Goddess Energy herself… the target audience became in direct discord with the message at this time. And this is why I believe in the ending as it was. As much as it does annoy me as well, that Aithusa’s story got dropped like a rock into a pond, among other things.

  2. I was really upset after spending all that time watching Merlin and was extremely disappointed in the crappy ending. You should have more respect for the viewers after 5 Series of 13 episodes each!
    If they knew they were going to cancel the show, at least the producers should have had the courtesy, kill the darned Morgana by 11th or 12th episode and have to 2 more episodes to bring the peace and rest of the ending appropriately. What the hell was that ending? I seriously think is disrespectful to the audience.

    • I absolutely agree Luis, you echo the feelings of all of us here! We know that they were in fact intending on having a Series 6 .. they even talked about it publicly in Sept 2012 and then something happened between Sept and Oct and all of a sudden they announced they were finishing the show and that ending I believe was a very quick re-write. We are still holding out for a Merlin Movie .. we know there will not be a series (long story which I can’t put here). but if fans continue to post and comment on blogs and on the forum we can continue to show them that we want that end re-written! It CAN be done!
      Thanks for your comment!

    • I just finished watching Merlin for the first time. I binge watched it on Netflix. I am nearly 60 years old and read the original Mary Stuart books when I was a child. This was the fulfillment of the fantasy and wonder that I enjoyed as a child. I have not watched television in over 30 years. In fact, this is the first TV series that I have ever seen the end of. I, like most of you, was out raged, horrified, and angry that the show ended so abruptly. It needed at least three or four more episodes to do it justice and tie up loose ends. I actually had a series where I learned the actors names! I am so oblivious normally that I do not know anyone. I loved the way Colin Morgan played the part of Merlin! I also loved the way Bradley James and Colin Morgan played off of each other. Well I was happy that King Arthur finally recognized Merlin and accepted him, I was super upset
      that he died. They missed the whole part of the story where Arthur and Merlin depended on each other as they fought evil together. I really thought that should’ve happened in season four so they could develop the relationship after Arthur knew. I would love to see another season or a movie, preferably a trilogy of movies. There is a new king Arthur movie that is coming out which will help with my anger that it is over. I am also listening to books on tape about the lost years of Merlin. However, there was definitely something magical about the cast, the writing, and the portrayal of the story which was extra special in my book. TV has not held much interest for me. It sounds like there will not be a spin off either. That would be the next best thing. I am with the author of this blog post. There were too many promises that were not fulfilled. I hope the writers and the actors reconsider. I am not sure I will rewatch the series. The ending was too sad for me. Since I have spent 50+ hours of my life watching a show that I was really looking forward to every night disappoint me in such a way, I am not sure I will want to make that commitment to any series again. I will absolutely watch every episode that is remade! I live in the US and I think there are plenty of people that I have missed this blog that agree with me. Keep up the good work! I hope it pays off!

      • Hello Luis

        Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Apologies for the long delay in responding. Even 5 years after the show finished, Merlin fans are still wanting more and new people, such as yourself, discover and watch with joy. We are not giving up and a Movie Trilogy is what we are focusing on. Let’s all keep focusing on that!

  3. What is up with you guys. This is the best thing i have ever seen. Every show always has a happy ending. Yes i didnt expect to see Arthur die, and for Merlin to be forever lost in limbo. It saddened me greatly. Im a 35 year old man and i can truly say this programme brought me to tears. I fell in love with both merlin and arthur. To see Arthur die was a sad moment. I felt Merlins Heartbreak. However in those last moments Merlin became accepted by Arthur as a Scorcerer. At this point Arthur would have worked out everything Merlin had done in the past and he thanked him knowing that he may already have been killed if not for Merlin. His death brought about Albion, and the dragon told Merlin that if Albion ever needed him he would once again arise. Seeing the final scene of Merlin some 2ooo years later showed that albion did not need Arthur. Albion was at peace. But still Merlin wanders. That is the sad part. He left everybody he once knew behind. He never went back to camalot. Merlins destiny was the rise of Albion. This happened. The show was both very sad but great. I feel sorry for merlin losing such a valued friend (and all those he left), and sorry Arhur died. Personally i think it was a great ending. I will miss the pair of them. In my view it felt like losing a loved one. That will live on in my mind. Better than a…. well that was good… then easily forgotten. The ending made sure that true fans will always be lost without Arthur and Merlin. A true love of the characters. A job well done

    • Thank you, Ironheart2010, for your opinion! It’s always good to hear a different view on the matter of “the ending”. Although I personally did not particularly like that ending, I’ve always found, like you, the final scene a master stroke, as if to say: it’s not over yet…
      And yes, it was certainly an ending not easily forgotten.

  4. I jyst finushed watching “Merlin”. I laughed I cried and I kept waiting for Merlin to be able use his magic. I expended 50 hours of my life cheering for the characters in the series. I sat on the edge of my seat ehile Merlin desperately tried to save Arthur. But in the end it was all for naught. I’m very sad to admit that the ending of the show is one the eorst if not the worst endings I’ve watched. I feel so let down. I feel I wasted all those hours of watching for almist nothing.

    • Hello Kateria,
      Thank you for your comment! Needless to say we all feel disappointed and sad with that ending, you’re not alone.
      But please do as most of us do: start watching Merlin again, there are so many wonderful episodes to enjoy! Just skip that last episode, pretend it doesn’t exist.
      Believe me, it works!

      • I think I posted on a similar topic quite a while ago but I’ve forgotten what response I got.

        I still don’t understand why Merlin fans were/are so bitterly disappointed with the ending of the Merlin series. It ends in much the same way as Geoffrey of Monmouth had chronicled his version of the Merlin legend. And it’s an effective ending, if sad, and concluding the TV series at a time when many fans had hoped it would continue. Arthur and Mordred died at Camlann just as they were supposed to, in a dramatic way similar to that of John Boorman’s Excalibur (which was a terrific movie, imo). Morgana and Gwen’s fates are not far from the same in Geoffrey of Monmouth version. What followed Arthur’s death in Boorman’s film were Percival’s journey to find the grail (too late to save Arthur, but timely to restore Albion).

        I have read any number of fantasy continuations of Merlin-Arthur but none of those equal, let alone exceed, the drama of the traditional versions. It is a tragic tale, after all, and the TV series ended tragically, too. I’m stumped as to what interest a continuation of Merlin-Arthur might look like, minus the characters of Arthur and Merlin. Another, totally independent, TV series might take up the challenge of re-imagining the Arthur-Merlin saga, where Arthur, Mordred, and Morgana survive the battle of Camlann. Mordred, in particular, from my point of view, could not have merely died as the TV series portrays, and as tradition strongly suggests. After all, Mordred and Merlin had so much in common I think they could have become great friends, if occasionally at odds. Arthur might have been taken to the Isle of the Blessed and healed there, but who would, or could, have healed him. Morgana in remorse for having plotted so obsessively she forgot what Mordred pointed out to Merlin. And, I admit that the plot device of introducing Carla (Karla?) suddenly turning Mordred’s loyalty to Arthur. He might have grieved and then ended up almost killing Arthur, and almost dying, only to be revived himself by Morgana. That is where I think the Merlin series was weak, but it didn’t totally ruin the ending and the series.

        If somebody could come up with a way the series might have continued into a season 6, without clashing with facts laid out in the first 5 seasons, I might be persuaded. But so far, none that has been written really impress me, excite me the way the series did. So I remain a skeptic of the general disappointment and anger many fans have expressed. Give us a really compelling continuation of the tale and I’ll possibly cross over to the More Merlin complaints department. I hope so. Nothing would satisfy me better than a successful transformation of the ending so as to go on with some connection to existing legends, and in the same manner.

        • Honestly, I do think Kateria’s idea of magically resuscitating Arthur for a couple more episodes might be a successful way to add one or more episodes onto Season 5, or a short Season 6. It does have real possibilities. But the elaborate continuations toward multiple seasons I just don’t see succeeding in the way the actual Merlin Series did with its conclusion.

        • Hello Tom,

          Thank you for your comment.
          You are right of course, Arthur and Mordred will die, must die, at Camlann. Therein lies not the problem. When they first mentioned Camlann in the series I immediately thought: “so Arthur is going to die”, which indeed he did.
          However, for a lot of fans (myself included) these deaths came far too early; and the last episode was far too rushed, as it the writers and producers were in a hurry to end the series before its time. Arthur was hardly made king before he got killed off. That is in my opinion the reason for so many disappointed fans. It didn’t feel right, there were so many stories left to tell.
          Perhaps there one day will be a continuation, I certainly hope so. In the mean time we’ll have to content ourselves with five seasons of an awesome series!

  5. Well something that did occur to me is this, Merlin can summon Arthurs shade at anytime using the same Horn that was used to Summon Uthers shade and a quick potion would make them physical on this plane as Uther was for a time. I Am surprised the writers did not at least do an epilog where Merlin went to see Arthur and discuss what happened.After all Merlin Brought back Lancelot for a brief moment to say goodbye , why not arthur. They could discuss the future. ITs al right there in the series?

    • Sorry, Kawyn, for not replying earlier…
      I really can’t answer your question, I don’t know what went on in the writers’ minds… Yours is a very good idea though!

  6. I just finished Merlin. I’ve watched it almost non stop for a few weeks and I finished tonight… How could they do this to us? I don’t understand this ending!!

    …how did any of you cope with this? When will it stop hurting? Merlin was one of the only stable things in my life and one of the only things I actually looked forward to… It helped me to escape my parents’ recent divorce, my newly discovered skin cancer, my crippled and surgery-needed spine, my recently diagnosed depression and anxiety, my severe loneliness… And on and on. I have shed many tears thought the run of Merlin, but these tears are full of anguish and betrayal… I just don’t understand… How do we get a satisfying ending? What do we do??

    • Thank you, SkyBlue, for your comment. You are not alone in your distress about that aweful ending! We at the More Merlin Project are doing our utmost to try and rectify it, for instance lobbying to get a movie made, one with a satisfying ending, but it is hard as you can imagine. In the meantime we Merlin-fans meet on facebook, this blog, our forum, and other social media to share thoughts or simply have fun. Needless to say, hardly anyone will watch that last episode again! And perhaps you may like my novella, here on this blog.
      For now, keep watching Merlin and try and enjoy all the episodes that have brought you so much joy. And may I wish you all the best with your health, I really hope things will get better in the future!

    • Hi, I just finished merlin tonight. we started watching it due to once apon a time. Its on netflix and think you might enjoy it, I eas blown away with how good it is. really opened my eyes to life and the world. hope it helps you escape and draws you in like ot did me xox much love xox

      • Hello, Munchkin, thank you for your comment (and my apologies for not answering earlier…). I’m glad you liked Merlin so much, we all do in fact. I’m currently watching the fist season again, and it is still as good and fresh and funny as the first time I saw it. What I’m really curious about is how you experienced the final episode.

  7. God…you are all just right we can’t be happy with ending like this(I know its 2014 but I am still not losing hope..) I agree with every sentence,we saw that merlin only reveald himself and then nothing …SO TRUE!! </3 and then also aithusa…you really put here main reasons….And i would ask you…is it true that bradley said no to arthur spin-off he said that it is time for someone else to become arthur..i heard that he said something like "variety is spice of life"..and i was so sad :((… i was trying and trying find something that could convince him(if this thing about he saying no to arthur spin-off is true)..AND I FOUND IT <333….He said:As an actor, when you go for auditions, there are certain roles that come along and you think, I really want that one, and Prince Arthur was definitely one of those. I remember the last audition I did was this workshop where they had lots of Arthurs there, and me looking at each one thinking they weren't right for the part, because they weren't me! …..THEY WERENT RIGHT FOR THE PART BECAUSE THEY WERENT ME!! then he could understand us(why we want the same cast)…there is not another prince arthur… <3 BRADLEY <3

    • How true! That’s a great story Merthur…. I remember hearing it somewhere before and you have reminded me. However it’s NOT true that the reason the series ended is because Bradley didn’t want to do more.. it was a lot more complicated than that. But fear not. We ARE going to have a Merlin Movie with the same cast. We are committed until we get it. Keeping the MAGIC Alive!

      • 🙂 hoping to film :)) yeah i know bradley wasn’t reason but i was afraid that if we manage to persuade them for season 6,bradley won’t act..but now with a film,and you asking same cast hoping more and more.Keep the magic alive.greetings from Croatia

  8. It is very interesting to read the reactions to the ending of the Merlin series. I share many of them. I just left a reply to another commentator on this site who explained some of the practical problems in bringing back the series. Because I understand these problems and therefore do not expect the series to return, I have written my own version of what happens next. I hope you will want to read it. Please share it if you like it! All the best, Rhuddem

    • SpryteMage,
      any rewrite of the ending can help. Keep writing, there are so many different ways that ending could have been different and now there are so many ways it can be done so that ending isn’t what we are left with, I’m sure you writers mind can think up several ways yourself. Keep it up!! Diane

  9. although i agree with everyone on this site i do belive that they need to bring this program back i miss it so much after four seasons of watching it the could have done better with season five no promises keep horrible ending and i am and unsatisfied fan that was very faithful though out four seasons they could have done better and they should really think about a season six and rewrite season five ending. what do you all thing. a dedicated merlin fan never missed and episode.

    • lynn,
      You and millions of others were angry, disappointed and depressed as well. To take a terrific show like this and then turn it into what they did is unforgivable.
      We are here to make things right. We are working very hard to bring Merlin back in some form to fix that ending and continue on with another series or film or something,
      we could use your support too so be sure to head over and like the facebook page where you can talk with other fans and be kept updated with the progress of this project. View the We Want More Merlin video where fans the world over are speaking out for More Merlin.
      and make sure to subscribe at website. Let’s get Merlin back on our TV’s. Diane

  10. I know it has been almost 6 months since I posted how sad I was to see this series come to an end and yet I still miss this series so much. I do not know how we could bring back the series based on the ending but I sure wish we could

    • I think the dagons clarification about “once and future” is the perfect basis for bringing it back. It’ll tk place in the future and we can see all the promises fulfilled through arthur jr who Gwen was pregnant with when the show ended

      • Jay,
        We too think this is a good indication the show can be brought back in some form. We however want it to continue in medievil times. The time of loyalty and chivalry and brotherhood. We are here to try and make that happen. We are working very hard to bring Merlin back in some form to fix that ending and continue on with another series or film or something, we could use your support too so be sure to head over and like the facebook page where you can talk with other fans and be kept updated with the progress of this project. View the We Want More Merlin video where fans the world over are speaking out for More Merlin.
        and make sure to subscribe at website. Let’s get Merlin back on our TV’s. Diane

    • i totally agree with you they should rewrite the ending i miss seeing the program and they should bring back the program it was fun and enjoyable i just can not understand why end the program in such a way they need to bring it back i do miss merlin .

  11. I was not only disappointed, I’m angry. I would have watched this series several times over if it weren’t for the end. I thought at first that they were trying to stay in agreement with the legends. Then I read Morte d’Arthur and nothing in the series is consistent with the legends, other than Arthur dying at Camlann. Good TV is rare and this got very good three to four seasons in, then they ruined it. Just trashed 5 years of story line. Still in shock, obviously.

    • Anna,
      You and millions of others were angry as well. To take a terrific show like this and then turn it into what they did is unforgivable. We are here to
      make things right. We are working very hard to bring Merlin back in some form to fix that ending and continue on with another series or film or something,
      we could use your support too so be sure to head over and like the facebook page where you can talk with other fans and be kept updated with the progress
      of this project. View the We Want More Merlin video where fans the world over are speaking out for More Merlin.
      and make sure to subscribe at website. Let’s get Merlin back on our TV’s. Diane

    • That’s a later addition. You should check out the legends from the Welsh traditions. Arthur even had sons, but well they all had terrible fates.

      • Thank you for your comment, mndbnks. There are so many legends concerning Arthur, and every generation is adding their own, just like the creators of Merlin did with their version. You are right, Arthur did have sons, Loholt being one of them. And in some legends Mordred was Arthur’s son too…

  12. All I have to say, is “What the ___________??” I’m still reeling over how MERLIN ended. I’m in utter disbelief. I keep saying to myself that I’m dreaming a terrible dream because the people behind the show couldn’t have possibly let it end on the world’s crappiest note. I suddenly feel like I wasted my precious life, which should not be the case at all! There were so many great life lessons to be learned by watching this show that I’m tormented about my wonderful feelings for it abruptly having gone to poop. I’m beginning to feel as if I should wait to read series finale spoilers so I can guage whether to even invest any of my time watching a show. I absolutely detest this feeling I’m feeling right now and it saddens me. I should have been left feeling happy, satisfied and positive about finishing this. I feel betrayed.

    Yes, I agree. We should have been given more on Merlin’s coming out; Aithusa and Kilgharrah’s relationship (& what happened because K was supposed to look out for and foster A, his only other fellow dragon!); a Camelot with Merlin joining Arthur at the Round Table and magic being allowed once again (with Druids and all sorts of magic-people emerging to appreciate what Merlin and Arthur have achieved); and more from the sword forged in dragon’s breath!!!

    • Luce,
      What can I say….. you’ve said it all and you’ve said it VERY VERY well. I agree, heck, I more than agree, if that’s even possible.
      You hate that feeling you have, me too, that’s why I joined up with More Merlin to help out in anyway I can to fix this feeling and
      that crappy ending. You wanna help come and “like” the facebook page : view the We Want More Merlin
      official video where fans the world over feel just like we do and you can subscribe at If you’d be interested in being even more involved email us at and we can get you to work
      helping in the efforts to get things rectified and get us the happy feeling we should have instead of the heart ripping out one we got.

    • Hi, ya know what? That ending was crap. They took so many liberties with the show for 5 long years teasing us with a magic reveal and an Arthur rule with Merlin by his side and then in the end cheated us, they gave us the same ole same ole. One of the many reasons I’m here working with the More Merlin team to try and rectify things. To fix that ending and give us more of what they promised. Be sure and go to the facebook page and click on the “like” button, visit the website and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

  13. Maybe I am late to this sad party bc Netflix just released season 5. I was not aware I was watching the final season nor the final episode. The final episode was my favorite until Gawain died and the dragon opened his mouth. I then realized I was watching a terrible end. I too want a season 6 or a miniseries. I can see the dragon sacrificing his last bit of power to save Arthur but in doing so saves mordrid and/or Morgana. Or; maybe Merlin relaized his true power, that his father spoke of in the crystal cave, and is able to save Arthur. I don’t care how it goes but there are possibilities of reviving the cast and continueing or maybe we are fighting a losing battle here. I enjoyed the show and the cast. Thank you for reading this and thank you to the cast for a great series; as unfinished an ending at is was.

    • Hi Seth, Hi, ya know what? That ending was crap. They took so many liberties with the show for 5 long years teasing us with a magic reveal and an Arthur rule with Merlin by his side and then in the end cheated us, they gave us the same ole same ole. One of the many reasons I’m here working with the More Merlin team to try and rectify things. To fix that ending and give us more of what they promised. Be sure and go to the facebook page and click on the “like” button, visit the website and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

  14. I have to say something to. I finished it last night and I legit had to re watch the ending because I couldn’t believe it. Then I was quite depressed and I still am. Was Steven Moffet behind this ending??? I know he really wasn’t but how could he not be??? He creates sad ending all the time… But this ending was nothing like that in doctor who or Sherlock… This ending was much worse… Anyway barely anything was resolved and I’m sad now… Arthur should have lived. Nothing else to it

    • I like the Steven Moffat part, yeah sounds like something he would write and ya know what? That ending was crap. They took so many liberties with the show for 5 long years teasing us with a magic reveal and an Arthur rule with Merlin by his side and then in the end cheated us, they gave us the same ole same ole. One of the many reasons I’m here working with the More Merlin team to try and rectify things. To fix that ending and give us more of what they promised. Be sure and go to the facebook page and click on the “like” button, visit the website and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’ve seen some pretty horrendous finales (“Lost” springs to mind), but this is even worse! I never suspected that the generally excellent writers would go insane and have Arthur die, then show Merlin walking past a present-day truck near Avalon. WTF? I have NEVER, EVER seen such an awful finale, sure to disappoint, sadden, and infuriate its loyal watchers. Why would the writers make a 180 and change the whole tone of the show? Who on earth would be satisfied with such a stupid, stupid ending? I hope these jokers are summarily black-listed and never again allowed near a television studio. I know if I ever see any of their names on a show, I will stop watching immediately. You know, fool me once… Bastards.

      • Hey Blue,
        Absolutely…. I don’t think they could have make things worse if they had tried. I don’t see how they could EVER get another job writing it they
        were to continue to rip fans hearts out the way they did here. They started out in one direction that fans LOVE and then in the end they did the exact
        opposite in the end. We need to have that all fixed so olease, help us out and be sure and go to the facebook page and click on the “like” button, visit the website and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

      • In response to Blue, you’ll be wanting to avoid Atlantis then, a new show being written by Capps and Murphy for the BBC! I won’t be tuning in, that’s for sure! In fact, one of the fall outs for me of that god-awful ending, is that I haven’t actually watched or become interested in watching any new dramas. Not only did they destroy my beloved Merlin with their short sighted, misjudged ending – but they took with it my escapism. I used to love the science fiction/fantasy genre and could scarcely believe it when I had no inclination to go and see the new Star Trek or Superman – films I would normally go and see. I would have been first in the queue. But all I feel now, is what’s the point – it’s like something’s been destroyed. What I used to escape from life’s problems, has become tainted. I only ever watch documentaries now and haven’t been to the cinema since December.

        Best wishes to all

        • Oh Lynnie,
          You talk like I think. I agree with you 100%. I too will NOT be tuning into Atlantis. I hope it is a colossal fail. To take a wonderful show and treat it the
          way they did because what, they didn’t get there way? They destroyed millions of fans lives and I will not reward them for it by watching any of their future work.
          I am even more dedicated to getting Merlin back some way some how. If those two didn’t love Merlin enough to give it a better send off I’m sure someone out
          there will see the money Merlin can bring them. Diane

        • Thanks for the heads up about Atlantis. Does anyone know if we can write/email the creators directly? I feel like ranting on here is a good start, but if they never get any feedback, it won’t work.

  15. I just stayed up to watch the last episode & I must say, “disappointed” is an understatement. You know, if they had gone with the predictable happy ending, whereby Arthur is saved & decrees a new age in which magic is no longer outlawed in Camelot, it would still have been infinitely better than what I just saw. And yes, I also feel cheated that the other promises made earlier in the show were unfulfilled! The moment I saw Morgana with Aithusa, I felt rather betrayed (o.k., maybe that’s too strong a word) that the writers had allowed her to corrupt the very creature which was to “bode well” for the wonderful land of Albion Merlin & Arthur were to create (which didn’t happen, either). Come on, writers – surely you could have done better than this?!! There’s no need to try so hard to have an atypical ending when it serves no purpose besides upsetting loyal viewers of the show.

    • Cheryl,
      Well said. I couldn’t agree with anyone more. I didn’t realize anyone else felt the same when I saw Morgana and Aithusa after what the great dragon told Merlin
      about it when she was hatched. I felt almost like they went out and got new writers for the last episode to give us and ending that almost any of us could have written.
      I would like to invite you over to facebook where there are 1000’s who feel the same about the ending as we do. and be sure to
      visit the website and also be sure to view the We Want More Merlin video and see fans from around the world
      who also feel as we do. Let’s work and get us a better ending or better yet another series.

      • I agree. I just watched the ending and I was very sad but could not figure why but after reading your comments you guys put in perfect perspective. Cannot blame the cast or the writers blame BBC they cancelled it way before its time. Left so many things unfulfilled

    • yes I feel very cheated and so disappointed that you ended a wonderful happy show in such a dreadful way. I watched this show for 5 years because the writing and the characters were wonderful. Why did you end it in a way that left all of your fans with heavy hearts and unfulfilled storyline.

      • Hi Suzanne,
        Ya know what? That ending was crap. They took so many liberties with the show for 5 long years teasing us with a magic reveal and an Arthur rule with Merlin by his side and then in the end cheated us, they gave us the same ole same ole. One of the many reasons I’m here working with the More Merlin team to try and rectify things. To fix that ending and give us more of what they promised. Be sure and go to the facebook page and click on the “like” button, visit the website and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

  16. Thank you for taking the time to create a site that agrees with literally everything I feel. I adored the storyline of Merlin so very much. Its originality and use of magic was so invigorating. Every episode felt like a mini-movie. Such fantastic quality. I do feel very cheated as well. With Modred changing (a relationship we didn’t get to be privy of until a single episode). It felt cheap like they were rushing the end. Then I was fully prepared for Arthur to die, but why did Gwain. I’m not sure I understand why unless he was angry that his girlfriend turned traitor should make me feel something. Once again a very short relationship that needed a bit more time. Of course I am right there with just about everyone. Not only did we get a whole ten minutes of Arthur and Merlin knowing who each other really was (horribly cheated) but we didn’t even get to see all the work put to good use. Did the kingdoms unite entirely? Could we possibly see Arthur alive long enough to bring in the golden age including not just the kingdoms but all mages and druids? Morganas death was also very rushed. I would have loved to seen a bit more drama involved with the stupid womans death. Or perhaps a unique twist allowing her caring side to show up just enough to give you a different layer alltogether.

    For the record my name is Ben and I am 29 years old. I don’t need beautiful people on the screen (although they were nice) in order to enjoy a series. I literally watch no TV except this show. That’s it. I guess that’s it. Perhaps we could get another series out of them. It would be fair. I have to say that Bradley James seems to be very done with it. We may have to accept a different Arthur, but even so, I’d be happy with the rest of the cast restored who seem more intrigued by the idea. Maybe it was money after the end of the five year contract, but I can’t buy that it was storyline and that the show needed to end.

    Thanks again and please keep this movement forging ahead.

  17. I just watched the end and I agree 100%. We can bring this back.. if sending in peanuts to I think it was CBS here in the USA to bring back Jericho, I am sure we can send something into the production company in massive out pour to bring merlin back for a proper ending.

  18. I just finished the series (I live in the USA) and I WAS SO UPSET!! SERIOUSLY? It was a total cop out on my favorite show I’ve ever watched!! 🙁

    • Since it seems that at least one of the actors of “MERLIN” does not want anymore to do with the series, I wonder how he would feel if no one wished to see him in any other movie, series, etc. I like many others am very disappointed with the ending of Merlin. It was my favorite TV show/series and I am middle-aged …I made a point to watch it every week for the full five years. If the actors treat their audience this way, I plan not to watch anything that they may have a role or to take part in…for the future. I really loved “Merlin” and will remain disappointed unless there is a return and a “promises filled” before the ending. I remain truly upset.

      • Hi Belinda… actually Bradley has said “never say never” and the actors are open to doing more.. so it’s a question of showing the actors, creators, writers and producers (even new producers) that we won’t give up. Please make sure you subscribe at the main site: & on our youtube, twitter etc. and look out for the “We want more Merlin” official video – it’s being launched in the next couple of days.

        thanks for your support! You are not alone in your feelings!

      • Belinda,
        Hi, I totally understand your disappointment. I watched this show and became very attached to it. I loved that I didn’t feel bad for watching it. It doesn’t have the blood, gore and smut that is taking over the airwaves today. I am very disappointed that it ended and have been since Dec. I would’t put too much emphasis on things said during the production of the show and very little on things said near after. Actors are put under contract and some things are not allowed to be talked about. I feel that after a time away from the show and the chance to do other things all will be open to reprising roles to return and make things right and show us the things that were eluded to during the series. The time of Albion with Arthur at rule with Merlin by his side and magic be used freely. With fans like you working with us helping make this happen we can do it. Be sure to visit the website and subscribe there and visit the other links to see where you would like to help us get Merlin back.

  19. I love Merlin series and have watched it for 5 years.Even my parents,who are doctors have found time to watch it every week.I was stunned at the way they decided to end it.I would do anything to help bring Merlin back.If they thought fans were happy with the way it ended..boy they are so wrong.This is the biggest mistake ever made…

  20. I feel downright angry at the way they rushed into this bizzare ending and broke the entire promise of the series. I waited impatiently for the unveiling of the magic throughout each year and it never happened. NEVER!!! Broken promises! And then to have Merlin be a failure, Arthur to die along with most everyone else and the whole thing to go to pot? I am just angry! They need to make it right and fulfill the promise of the series!

      • I have introduced five years of my students to this series, most of whom have said that Merlin has become addictive to them–they can’t wait to see the next episode. They have returned weekly for these five years to talk about what has happened in the series, bringing strong discussions and opinions, tying the story into the world in which we live. We will all miss the once and future world of Arthur and Merlin.

  21. Waoo! Glad to see that there are soo many people who like dramas like Merlin with neat stories without unnecessary nudity and sex scenes. I thought everybdy love to c stuff like this on TV. Thats increrrdible, Merrrlin has changed the perception!!

  22. I totally agree that the ending of Merlin left many of the promises unfulfilled. I hope that the ending of Merlin is revisited by either doing another series or movie(s).

    • Hi Catharine that’s our goal, another series or something to fix that ending. Do subscribe and join us in our quest. Let’s do this… together.

  23. My 12 year old niece and I watch this show every week, and have watched it during all five seasons. When there is so much garbage on television these days, it has always been so wonderful to share this experience with her…to discuss the show and the retelling of such a inspirational story. I wish they would consider continuing the show! It has so many lessons about friendship, loyalty, and love. It is so sad that anyone would want to take such a magical story away from so many fans who clearly love it! Let’s fight…FOR THE LOVE OF CAMELOT!!!

    • Hi Melissa,
      I agree, I love the lessons of love, loyalty, friendship and integrity in this show. I loved the fact that I could watch this with my daughter and
      not cringe if something inappropriate was shown. These are just some of the reasons I’m here working so hard to have our quest of bringing Merlin back
      fulfilled. We need people like you to work with us to have this quality show return to our homes and give us brilliant TV time instead of shocking TV time.
      I hope you subscribed and are willing to join us in our quest. Check out the fb page we are working with Spread the word where ever you visit and let us know where you are best equipped to fight. Thanks for you comment which is truly the sentiments of a great Merlin fan. Let’s do this… together.

  24. i’m 30 yo mother of two. and yes the statement above is true. i feel unsatisfied. and i want to see albion. i dont understand why it should be ended that way, while some other series bring back their died cast for several times, *almost every season end with died cast, and new season start with their back to live (rolled eyes)

    IF you do really think that merlin doesn’t fulfill the ratings standard to be continued? then you should read the ratings earlier and create a better ending in season five


    • Rilla,
      I understand how you feel, I too fill unsatisfied. I also want to see the New Albion and that is why I’m here, to help bring Merlin back so we
      can see Arthur bring about the New Albion with Merlin by his side. Be sure you subscribe and join in our mission to bring Merlin back. Let’s do this..

  25. It is so nice to read the comments of so many that feel just like I do. I have never had a show the left me so aghast at the ‘wrongness’ of its ending. I can think of many series that I have watched that wrapped up- knowing the series was over- Buffy, Cheers, Mash, Battlestar Galactica ,etc. In all these cases I was sad to see the show end but the writers stayed true to the story and the ending felt right. Merlin’s ending- worst ending possible.

  26. Merlin is my absolute favorite show of all times. From reading other comments it sounds like they have seen the ending and I am thinking that it will not make me feel good to watch the end. From reading comments I will be extremely sad if it ends the way it sounds like it is going to end. Why could they not continue the series for a few more seasons and have a great final ending that will make us all feel good. It makes a person not want to start watching series because the networks just cancel at a moment.

    • Hi Nancy,
      I understand your feelings and I’ve thought the same thing about starting a series.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. We are working with others and are trying hard to get more seasons and an ending that will make us feel good. Want you subscribe and lets show them huge numbers of fans that want Merlin back.
      Thanks again,

  27. This was one of the saddest endings I have seen for a series. I didn’t even know the series was ending until I watched the very last episode. So Arthur learns a half hour before the SERIES ends that Merlin is magic?? Huh? So for all these seasons it was said over and over and over how it was Merlin’s destiny to save Arthur so magic could be accepted and open in Camelot. And that never happened! Maybe there was a “nice” time during Arthur’s rule but magic was never accepted out in the open. So, in my eyes, Merlin’s whole journey was a failure. All the times he saved Arthur and for what? So he could walk around on the earth for millenia waiting for Arthur to be “reborn”? Hell that ain’t gonna happen in the “current” time (which showed Merlin walking down the road with a semi passing by him).

    I’m sorry but the story needs, deserves, more than that. I don’t know what the writers were thinking hastily wrapping things up as they did. I think we could do with another season or at the very least a mini-series.

    • Hi Alanna

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, we all feel the same. We have a plan to bring Merlin back but first we need numbers, so please subscribe, comment on the other pieces (especially Mission Statement & Magic of Merlin .. tabs above) and then please share this blog where you can… fb, twitter, google etc. We are not giving up!

  28. Merlin is the only show that my husband and I HAVE to watch when it airs on the Syfy channel. We are now watching series 5, so we haven’t seen the end yet. But we are very upset and disappointed that the show is ending. It’s the one show that can truly be watched by every member of the family, yound and old. The show has great story lines, has great humor, has a wonderful cast that really clicks! This show is the only ENTERTAINING show that doesn’t have profanity, nudity and gruesome fight scenes. We always enjoy every episode! Please bring the show back. Our Friday nights just won’t be the same without Merlin!

    • Hello Anna

      Thanks for your supportive comment. We all feel the same. I too am in the States…… I couldn’t wait for scifi, I watched Series 5 on youtube and other sites. I think you will appreciate most of the articles (look to the right, recent posts) as well as the main pages: Mission Statement, Magic of Merlin.

      We are currently building numbers prior to implementing a plan to bring Merlin back .. we need numbers so please subscribe, share, comment and yes, share this blog! Thank you!

  29. I was also not thrilled about the end. It really devastated me even though I knew Arthur would die 2 months before the finale even aired on Christmas eve. I really wished they would have continued with a 6th season, and I know they tried to, but you can’t continue without a King Arthur and Bradley James has even admitted that he declined another season. He was finished with the show and Merlin wouldn’t have been the same if they killed him off and kept going, or tried to replace him with another actor and say it was sorcery that changed his looks, or he died and was reborn in a new body lol! That would have been horrible 😛 The actors make the show and without their backing there was no hope for a 6th season. We can’t force them to sign a new contract (though we wish we could) 😀 haha

    If they had to end it there though I wish they had let Merlin save Arthur and leave the show with Arthur promising Merlin a future of peace and freedom by his side. Then all us fans could let our imaginations fill in the rest. The ending they chose left broken hearts and devastation in its wake. I felt cheated and all the promises of a golden age and Albion felt hollow like I was fed lies for five years.

    Poor Merlin if he were real…all his sacrifices don’t seem worth it. Then they make him immortal so he can suffer and spend a few thousand years alone with false hope of his king might rise again. All the while he gets to wallow in his failure…:P (sucks to be him)

    I’ll always love Merlin and the actors, but I’ll probably only pretend that there was 4 seasons. Season five is to painful to watch. I’d end up shouting at Merlin that “It’s futile” as he tries to avoid Arthur’s fate in each episode lol!

    • Hi Felicity

      Thanks for your comment! Bradley did say he didn’t want to continue… but he also said in january “never say never”. I do not believe it was just because of Bradley that Series 5 ended so abruptly.. I think there was more happening behind the scenes. IN any case, I feel that now that Bradley is open…. perhaps next year… it is most certainly worth our effort to show him and the rest of the people involved that we want more Merlin. So please subscribe, share, help spread the word.. we do have a plan!

    • Felicity,
      This part–Poor Merlin if he were real…all his sacrifices don’t seem worth it. Then they make him immortal so he can suffer and spend a few thousand years alone with false hope of his king might rise again. All the while he gets to wallow in his failure…:P (sucks to be him)… is the part that ripped my heart out.
      I too would have LOVE to have seen this instead….If they had to end it there though I wish they had let Merlin save Arthur and leave the show with Arthur promising Merlin a future of peace and freedom by his side. Then all us fans could let our imaginations fill in the rest. The ending they chose left broken hearts and devastation in its wake. I felt cheated and all the promises of a golden age and Albion felt hollow like I was fed lies for five years.
      The producers gave us 5 1/2 awesome yrs. and seemed to be promising one thing but then left us with that ending…. no so fulfilling.

  30. Apologizing in advance for the long comment…

    Thank you Francesca for this website!
    I am from the U.S., where season 5 is still airing but I have already finished watching the episodes through the internet.
    It is a huge relief for me to read other people’s posts; the sadness & despair that I felt after watching the final episode had me feeling like I was going crazy.
    How can a TV show be affecting me in this way? I agree with everyone else here that Merlin was more than just a show; it was a repast from our own reality that many find depressing, sorrow-filled, & fear-ridden. Yet here is a world, found in Merlin, where things like friendship, loyalty, love, & bravery reign first.

    To say that the final episode left me in shock is an understatement. I felt numb, helpless, & in complete denial about what I was seeing. I had gone into the final episode with no idea what was to happen or how the series would end. I felt so helpless. My heart & body were experiencing the same anguish that I have experienced at the death of actual people in my life. What the heck was happening to me?? Am I losing it?

    The next day at work I could hardly focus. When people asked what was wrong, of course I did not reveal the cause of my sadness; I almost couldn’t believe it myself what I was experiencing. I am a rational adult, after all…who would admit to mourning the death of a fictional character?

    But to me it is more than the loss of Arthur, it is the anguish at seeing Merlin left alone with his dying friend in his arms; the most powerful sorcerer that ever lived, & he couldn’t save his friend. The dragon Kilgarrah casually tells Merlin, “Sorry chap, nothing you can do”, then flaps away, abandoning Merlin at the shore of Avalon, alone.

    Merlin…his whole life, his whole purpose for being, the whole reason for his magic…gone.
    I will admit that there were some very touching scenes, & some of the dialogue was heart-wrenching because it was acted out so beautifully…but it never should have been that way in the first place. There was no gratification for all of the struggles of 5 seasons.

    And ALSO…for 5 seasons of hearing about the “Golden Age”, how Kilgarrah foretold that Arthur must live because his reign meant that magic would once again thrive. So when did THAT happen? Magic never did become accepted, and Arthur never allowed it to be practiced. The last dragon, Aithusa, was reduced to nothing more than a broken, depressed, unintelligent beast after a whole episode devoted to saving the Last Dragon (where was Kilgharrah in helping the educating & rearing of Aithusa? Why would he abandon the Last Dragon in existence besides himself?).

    And for 5 seasons of seeing Merlin being Arthur’s servant, being mistreated by the knights and not respected…I could not wait for the time when Arthur would finally learn of Merlin’s abilities, his years of protecting not only Arthur but Camelot, the recognition that Merlin would receive & deserved, & Merlin finally being treated as an equal. But that did not come to pass.

    There was zero satisfaction for the fans in having Arthur finally learn of Merlin’s true identity, as watching Arthur suffer in agony from his wounds (& also disoriented half the time) left no room for satisfaction, happiness, or relief. The fans received no happy moments of finally having all of the struggles & heartaches become “worth it” as Arthur & Merlin bring Camelot into its Golden Age, watching Arthur’s & Merlin’s relationship grow from the roles of King/Servant to King/Equal, or watching peace happen between Camelot & the Druids, of watching Merlin practice Magic freely & becoming the greatest sorcerer of all time. We. Were. Robbed.

    I cannot for one second fathom why the writers felt that the ending of the series that they wrote would be found satisfactory by the fans. Sure, we all know that Arthur was to die one day, but why now? And with promises left unfulfilled? There were so many opportunities for Merlin to change what was foretold: killing Morgana and Mordred at Camlenn, calling out to Kilgharrah the second that he learned that he could not heal Arthur, having Kilgharrah take him ALL THE WAY to Avalon, not dumping him at the shore (oh look, there’s a boat! Paddle across why Arthur has seconds to live). Kilgharrah’s magic once saved Morgana, why could he not save Arthur? And why did Merlin not call on the Great Dragon sooner? Kilgharrah didn’t even seem to care. The whole ending felt rushed & hurried with no consideration to loopholes.

    And that final scene…sure, we’re down, why not add one more kick? A thousand years later we find Merlin, STILL waiting for Arthur to return. How lovely, for such an incredible & faithful person, a life of loneliness & despair, why would the fans NOT be happy with that ending? That for EVERYTHING that happened in the entire series, for all of Merlin’s devotion, bravery, sacrifices, efforts…it was for NOTHING?

    I have never felt more passionate about a TV show than Merlin, & no ending has ever affected me this way. The writers need to sit down & start work on a few new episodes to change that ending:
    As Arthur floats to Avalon in the boat, Aithusa flies over and lands on the boat. He breathes life back into Arthur & heals him (for he wasn’t really dead, just close to death). Arthur makes his triumphant return to Camelot, and then he & Merlin can bring about the Golden Age that was foretold. Morgana can stay dead; there are plenty of other Druids to take the place of the villain role, Druids who still call out for blood even though Arthur has declared Magic once again accepted in Camelot. You know…the ending that the fans deserve. You can save your tragic, unhappy, depressing ending for another series. Merlin fans want & deserve more.

    THANK YOU for allowing me to vent. I feel much better now (even though I could rant on for longer).

    • Oops, sorry…I forgot to add in that last paragraph about Merlin & Arthur bringing peace to the Druids; having it end by having them “call out for blood” isn’t the ending I feel is appropriate, lol. Only that they could build on something like that.

      • Hi Dana.
        Hello Dana.
        I’m from the U.S. and I have not seen the last 6 or 7 episodes yet. I had no idea how empty Arthur’s fate has become. I have been looking forward to Arthur discovering Merlin’s gift because I know that that will be the day when his heart would be open to magic as something that could be good. Even Arthur just finding out that the humblest and simplest of people, his servant, is actually the real hero would be satisfying. I guess that never happened!!

    • Hi Dana

      Please don’t apologize… it was wonderful! You covered everything and expressed a lot about what many of us feel. I think you might enjoy the piece I wrote that started this blog:

      Why to so many mourn the death of Arthur? Here’s the link but I’m not sure it will be clickable in comments. If not, go to Archives, December and you will see it. I wrote it 3 days after seeing the end because I was in such a state!!! I put it up here and so many people liked it and felt the same…so we grew from there.

      We have a plan to bring Merlin back.. (did you read Mission Statement? If not, please do and comment there) and right now we need numbers. So subscribe, share this blog, articles in as many places and with friends as much as possible. We can do it! Many blessings Francesca

      • Hi Dana
        I have read your comments (twice) I must say, I could not write a comment any better than you did. I agree with every single word you have said. I am still in mourning for the series and often find I have dreamed about it. No other TV program has ever captured my imagination as this one did. I just feel that I have actually been robbed of a reliable promise that would affect millions of people as a direct result. I feel empty and despondent. Hope series 6 comes about or at least a long episode that would recertify the wrongs.

    • Dana,
      AWESOME! That is it EXACTLY. That, I think sums up what every Merlin fans feels.
      I know this part — {And that final scene…sure, we’re down, why not add one more kick? A thousand years later we find Merlin, STILL waiting for Arthur to return. How lovely, for such an incredible & faithful person, a life of loneliness & despair, why would the fans NOT be happy with that ending? That for EVERYTHING that happened in the entire series, for all of Merlin’s devotion, bravery, sacrifices, efforts…it was for NOTHING?} was what really killed me. All the hope he had all those years died and the idea that sacrifice and devotion can bring about good things for us, died along with it. I was left feeling hopeless and alone just as Merlin was. I can not for the life of me understand how anyone could think that an ending without hope and a feeling of loneliness would be something fans of a show full of hope and togetherness would think fitting.
      Thanks for sharing your feelings with us as it helps us also to read others take on the ending, gives us a feeling of brotherhood/sisterhood. Thanks

    • If I may,

      I have found that a lot of people are complaining that Arthur’s destiny was to unite Avalon and to bring magic back and that he died before achieving his destiny however the thing that I think was missed was the fact that Gwen found out about Merlin’s true identity and was the new ruler of Camalot

    • Sorry I accidentally hit post, I was saying:

      I believe the point of those scenes was that Gwen, through marrying Arthur was to be the one to create the golden age that everyone was after and by marrying for love, to a servant girl Arthur was able to achieve that because had he followed the natural order of things he would have married a noble and that person never would have been able to see how things should really be and yada yada…

      In saying that, I still think that what everyone is saying is super valid and I think that it would have been better if Arthur was the one to do it and they totally left us in tears in the last scenes.

      The way it ended for me was that the dragon said that Arthur was to rule again when he is needed the most and then we saw a scene of the current day and I imagined that what was to happen was that they were going to be making some sort of statement about the condition that the world is in now and look at issues such as poverty and that Arthur was going to be brought back, not know where he was and it was going to be both comedic and also really serious and I imagined that magic was going to have made its way through to the modern world in people other than Merlin and I expected just something but to find out that this impending destiny that Arthur was meant for has just led to nothing is devastating.

      Some other things that upset me were:
      As everyone is saying, the issue with the dragons, why Merlin didn’t call them earlier and why the young one was evil and deranged and how to fix that, here are my thoughts on that…
      So I think the reason that Merlin didn’t call the Dragon earlier to take Arthur to get healed was that the dragon was dying as we found out a few episodes ago. This to me seemed stupid because I would have much rather seen that the dragon’s dying act was to save the once and future king and that was the dragon’s destiny on top of making Merlin the man that he became.
      And as for the young dragon, if dragons are supposed to be able to live for thousands of years, then the young one would still be alive today as it was only like 5 years old MAX in the finale, I would have liked to have seen that explored in a 6th season.

      The idea that Merlin wasn’t just born with magic but WAS magic was an idea that was really powerful in my opinion and I really expected to see more from him than just controlling lightning with a stick. When Merlin stepped into that light and was supposed to see who he really was, I wanted to see the ideas of that explored more, rather than just him coming out as an old man and going into battle. I wanted to see an emotional journey.

      I agree with everyone saying that the thing I looked most forward to throughout the entire life of the show was Merlin being able to use his powers in front of Arthur and them working as a team.

      I think that the idea of the Excalibur being used in the wrong hands should have been an entire series’ plot line and I think the true power of such a sword should have been shown. It didn’t seem that impressive from the few times we saw it used and also, going off the last 10 seconds, where is the sword today?

      Also if such a sword is so dangerous then isn’t it a bit scary that Mordred’s one was just left in the forest.

      On a side note: how does a sword break off inside someone? Seriously? Especially one forged under a dragon’s breath!

      To conclude I think that a 6th season is a MUST and I think all the things that I addressed should be explored in some way or another.

      And a word of hope: if fans could get Arrested Development to be renewed for another season and a movie with all the original cast members 7 years after its finale, then I think there is hope for a show as incredible as this! 🙂

      • Hi Nicholas

        Thank you for such a wonderful detailed commentary.. what can I say? I agree! I especially agree that Kilgharrah’s dying act could have been to save Arthur… yes. So please do share, subscribe and keep sharing this blog far and wide. We need the numbers before we are ready to put our bring Merlin back plan into action. Thanks!

    • well said Dana!! I totally agree with everything you have said. I also was in shock and disbelief with the ending and was sad for days, still am – I still cry when I see the ending – it was just wrong. This is more than just a TV series, it is real in our hearts and the ending did not do justice to the 5 wonderful years leading up to it. The ending must be rewritten!!!!

  31. I think that the way it ended was FANTASTIC was great honestly but i would love if there was a season 6 and maybe a 7 then you could finish it (or not!!!!!) but its was great great show that im proud of being fan of and i believe that Merlin will never end 🙂

    • Hi Rita

      Well you are the first person to say you loved the ending… but if I may I think you may mean that you loved the actual death scene because you want to see a series 6 and 7 . That’s what we all mean. The death scene was amazing but it was too soon…. Is that what you mean? Thanks for your support!

  32. I am still very upset at the way the series ended,I knew that a well loved character would die but I never thought it would be Arthur.I thought the final episode was heartbreaking and was not prepared for how terrible I felt after watching it,I could not stop thinking about how hurt and let down I was and still am feeling.After being a loyal fan for five years we deserve more than a rushed two episode ending,not even a happy ending but one that left so many questions and to me made no sense at all.Merlin could have called the dragon earlier and saved Arthur.It seemed as though the writers wanted to finish it and rushed the ending and totaly ruined it,and what did the final scene in modern times mean?We were led to believe we were going to have a sixth series and possibly films and then we end up with nothing.I hope they will reconsider and give the fans the happy ending we deserve.

  33. Thank you, thank you! I agree completely. Why on earth would the take a show to such heights- taking a classic legend- and making such daring changes to the plot and characters- promising so much and then let it crash and die with the same old, “inevitable” ending?? Our world needs a new ending- there’s enough in this world to feel hopeless about. We do not need the message that you “can’t fight fate”. Our world’s situation is dire on many levels- we need a message of hope.

    • Diane,
      That’s exactly what I said. Why take so many liberties through out the entire series to just go back to the same ‘ole same ‘ole? They gave us hope that if Merlin could be accepted as is then so could the rest of us and then left us out in the cold without his true acceptance being realized. Sad, really sad.

  34. No es justo!!! durante 5 temporadas esperamos que al fin Arturo supiera que Merlin es un gran hechicero y que la magia vuelva a Camelot y que juntos como equipo y con la magia hicieran de Camelot un lugar mejor. Arturo solo supo la verdad 10 minutos antes de morir y no pudo revindicarse con Merlin por tantas cosas que había hecho por el y por su reino y Merlin siendo el mago tan fuerte que ha sido y ha derrotado hechizos peores esta vez no pudo salvara Arturo… definitivamente no lo encuentro justo, necesitamos una temporada mas que calme este sin sabor pero con Arturo y Merlin vivos y juntos!!!

    • Sandra,
      I think that’s what so many of us believe, 10 minutes isn’t long enough to do the magic reveal or Merlin justice. We would love to see Arthur and Merlin be able to live together in Camelot in it’s golden age with Merlin able to use his magic freely.

  35. The final episode: yes, there are a few unanswered questions and yes, some scenes felt a bit rushed, but the death of Arthur was beautifully done. I will not say that I was moved to tears (television rarely does that to me), but I was most definitively moved. And then that final scene. That scene everybody is talking about. I think I am a minority here: I actually liked it. It gave an enormous sense of loss, of loneliness, of desperation. For centuries on end Arthur is in Avalon, healing from his wounds until the day he will rise again and help save Britain in its darkest hour of need, a time that has not yet come. And all that time Merlin has been waiting. Waiting and hoping his friend, his king, the once and future king, will rise again. Century after century he has been walking past that lake. That is true loyalty.
    So, despite its shortcomings I was not disappointed at all, on the contrary. Having said this, a sixth season of Merlin will be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Tony

      Thanks for your comment & support. We are not upset at the death scene at all. I agree it was beautifully done. We are unhappy that Arthur’ death happened now… before showing the Golden age of Camelot Please read Merlin Mission Statement also to see what we are about. Most of the fans want to see the Golden age of Camelot as we were promised in that time and day with the current cast. If after that they want to update it .. that’s fine… but we were not given what was promised across 5 series. As you say, a series 6 will be greatly appreciated!

      • I do have a tendency to think along different lines: when people talk about the end of Merlin, I can only think of that final scene, not of the whole episode and the demise of Arthur, effectively cutting off any possibilities of continuing the series. But it felt quite natural to me, Arthur’s death. When in season 5 “Camlann” was mentioned (I can’t remember the exact episode) I thought: so Arthur is going to die. It would have been too great a deviation from the Arthurian mythology if Arthur would live on. It was a fitting end to the whole series, but, as you so rightly point out, we were denied the golden age of Camelot. I think these years were there, we just did not see them as they fell between seasons 4 and 5. A great opportunity for the next series: “Merlin: the lost years”. And, as I already have discussed this on the Merthurs Facebookpages, there are lots of stories yet to tell. Unfortunately the whole Lancelot storyline will be a bit difficult as the writers killed off the character (twice!). So no quest for the Grail and no affair with Guenevere. Alas… it would have made for some great and dramatic stories.

        But there are still Arthur’s battles including his great victory at Badon Hill (I can see it in my mind). And I am sure the writers can come up with a brilliant way of incorporating the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in the whole Merlin-mythology.

        So, lots of stories left to tell, more then enough to fill a few seasons!

  36. The ending ruined the show for me. Short battle. Gwaine is stupid and goes after Morgana himself and dies. No epic fight between Merlin and Morgana. Arthur dies. Merlin is a total failure and goes off to be alone forever. Why would Gaius tell Gwen that Arthur was in good hands? He wasn’t. Why didn’t Merlin call on Kilgharrah sooner? Why didn’t Kilgharrah save Arthur? Gwen loses everyone she loves and has to rule alone. What about Merlin’s mom? The ending just fell apart. Most fans think it should’ve ended a bit like this:

    – Merlins magic should’ve been revealed in the beginning of the season. Maybe Arthur banishes him for a couple eps.
    – Arthur later realizes that he needs Merlins help and asks him to return.
    – Have a whole episode of Merlin travelling with the knights and Arthur realizes everything Merlin has done to protect them.
    – Get rid of the episodes where Gwen was evil. It’s been done with Merlin already.
    – Merlin arrives at the battle as himself, ( not the old man ) on the back of Kilgharrah and fights along with the knights.
    – Merlin then has an epic battle with Morgana and Merlin wins. Everyone sees Merlin use magic.
    – Arthur and Mordred have a huge sword fight and Arthur wins, but is hurt.
    – Kilgharrah heals Arthur and then flies he and Merlin back to Camelot.
    – Arthur then tells Kilgharrah that his father was wrong for the way he treated him and that he himself was wrong about magic.
    – End with Arthur and the knights at the round table. The camera focuses on the new figure sitting next to Arthur, dressed in red. This new figure is Merlin.

    The ending the writers made was garbage. Every season, Merlin is told to protect Arthur because one day he and Merlin would rule together and bring about change. The bad ending made the whole show pointless. I used to watch this show all of the time. The show was funny and heart warming. I loved this show so much until the ending. Now I’ll never be able to watch it again because I know that everything Merlin does in each show is for nothing. You can’t make a show with so much heart, have such a sad and hopeless ending. There’s enough sadness in the world. The writers can’t say they were following true to the story because they weren’t for most of the show. Arthur is supposed to be old when he dies. Were the writers just trying to make a statement? It’s their show, so they can do what they want. Bad move. They even played this on Christmas eve. Thanks alot. This was a family show? All this shows kids is that no matter what you do, how hard you try, evil always wins in the end, so why bother. One man can’t make a difference. I can’t believe the cast thought the ending was good. Maybe they were told to say that, or maybe they didn’t care, as long as they got paid. If I had known the show was going to end like that, I would not have bothered. Some people say to stop watching at the end of season 4. If you read all of the posts people have been putting out, you would see that 99% of fans are very unhappy with the way the show ended. The writers didn’t care about what they promised us. They just wanted the show to end and have no way to bring it back. “Sure, lets kill Arthur, that’ll end it.” I’m surprised they didn’t kill Merlin to.

    I would have accepted the show being cancelled, if they had ended it with some humour, heart and happiness. Instead, it was sad, filled with hopelessness and completely heartbreaking. Thanks for ruining the best show on TV.

    • Hi Laurie

      Thank you for that extensive and wonderful comment. I agree with much of what you said. Your ideas about the possible endings and continuation are wonderful but don’t give up! That’s why we are here. Please read and comment also on “Merlin Mission Statement” and Magic of Merlin. We are focusing on bringing Merlin back. We are working with Merthurs (group on Facebook) and when we have enough numbers (subscribers and hits) we have a plan that I believe will bring Merlin back with a re-write of the end of Season 5 and a Series 6. Please sign up and stay with us!

    • Oh My Laurie I do believe you just read my mind. I know I was feeling every thing you have just spoken about when I found this blog. Knowing that someone else was feeling the same way as I was gave me some help.
      “Now I’ll never be able to watch it again because I know that everything Merlin does in each show is for nothing. You can’t make a show with so much heart, have such a sad and hopeless ending. There’s enough sadness in the world.”
      This is the problem I’m having. Others seem to be able to watch Merlin over and over but I haven’t been able to watch ANY of it since it ended. And they did play fast and loose with the legend all through the show and then at the end wanted to make “true to the legend” and then to say they thought it ended on a high, well I’ve never, ever felt so low.
      ” no matter what you do, how hard you try, evil always wins in the end, so why bother. One man can’t make a difference.” This is also one of my disappointments with the show, they had given us so much hope and insight to how good can triumph and then cut us at the knees in the end. Just thinking on these things brings me down and that’s why I want to see them bring it back and make things right.

    • I totally agree, my whole family loved merlin, we’ve been to the chateau seen them filming. We had no idea that it was ending until about 2 weeks before and I must say it spoilt my Christmas! Had to watch the last scenes twice to believe it. However it seems the BBC ended it because the actor Bradley James who played arthur didn’t want to continue, such a shame. It would be great if he reconsidered, for maybe the movie that was promised? Or a further series where he rises again. If he does not want to do that how would it be brought back??

    • Now THAT is the ending I would like to have seen! The writers had already taken so may liberties with the legend that having a different ending from the legends would have been not only plausible but embraced by the fan base. The writers need to go back & re-do that horrible ending. I’m not even asking for a season 6, but maybe a 2 hour movie to wrap things up the way they should have. Arthur’s body was not burned & was last seen floating towards the island; maybe “something” happened as he floated…hey, it’s a fantasy series, they could do it!

      • Hi Dana

        Yes, exactly. Many of us feel the same. They did not adhere to the legend all the way through and my sense is Arthur died when he was older, not when he had only been King for 4 years at most. ANd yes, they deliberately did not have Arthur burn so Aithusa or Kilgharrah could come over and breathe life into him ….. that’s what we want! Have you read all the articles? You might try Why do so many mourn Arthur’s death? (archives, December, this was the first piece I wrote which started this whole blog) We are building numbers right now so please share, spread the word …. when we have enough subscribers, we will put our plan to bring Merlin back into action! Thanks for your support!

  37. I love watching Merlin and I never thought that it would end up by Arthur’s death. Never know what happened to Merlin (Emrys) or did he ever go back to Camelot? Five years and this is how it end? I want it to continue MORE MERLIN.

  38. I loved watching Merlin and i am a true fan of King Arthur as you can tell by my name which i changed by deed poll 8yrs ago, though the ending was right, Arthur was killed by the hand of Mordred and his body went back to Avalon, but there was so many things you could of done before this, The Quest for the Holy Grail, the killing of King Pelimores dragon, to name but a few, so please bring back Merlin

    • Hi Morgaine

      Wow, that is a real fan.. changing your name by deed poll. Yes, you are right. Personally I don’t feel Arthur was as young as this when he died.. he did a few other things first including the Golden days of Camelot! Thanks for your comment!

      • Wow, I am loving that you changed your name by deed poll! Thats amazing! Help this blog, please spread it around.It is beautifully written! It needs to get noticed and Merthurs are very happy to be working with this blog 🙂 We can bring Merlin back!!!

  39. totally agree with everything you say here, i was thoroughly disappointed by the ending of series 5, it was bad enough finding out it was ending completely let alone the awful ending. i just felt deflated, everything we had been lead to be believe that would happen just didn’t come together at all. I’m secretly hoping the last two episodes were Merlin having a vision, and a sixth series could start with Merlin having to prevent Arthur from going into battle, or maybe if the battle has begun using his dragon lord skills to involve both dragons to help fight or even get kilgharrah to take them to the isle straight away so arthur lives, and finding some way to prevent gwain from dying ( he is dishy after all) i just feel short changed by the ending, i cant bring myself to buy the dvd boxset, or even watch any of my other series yet, there are few programs that really get a great finale but this was far from being nearly there for me, i feel that we need at least 1 more series to show morgana and mordreds demise, and merlin and arthur creating and ruling albion side by side, arthur seeing all merlin has done for him maybe in a flashback episode with all the funniest and best bits shown, arthur meeting the great dragon and merlin showing him his magic and him being the last dragon lord. there were so many wonderful ways this series could have ended but this was a fail and from the comments i’ve read from cast i believe that richard wilson wasn’t happy about the series finishing he said he was sad about it.

    i have shared your post i want another series, me and my friend have sat and discussed so many different things we would have loved to see, i just hope that it can be possible and we can all get rid of this feeling of unfulfilment.

    • Hi Laura

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful comment… fantastic idea to have the end that was done be one of Merlin’s visions! brilliant! We have a plan to bring Merlin back.. and one of the ideas along the way is to have a competition to see who can write the best re-write of the end of Series 5 or beginning of Season 6. Please do read and comment on Merlin: Mission statement, sign up and on Magic of Merlin too and if you want to write a piece for this blog … let me know… that goes for anyone else out there! We do have a plan to bring Merlin back together with the Merthurs group and we are going to do it folks!

    • Laura,
      I too agree the last 2 eps. being a vision is an absolutely brilliant idea. I also would have loved them to have given more respect to Mordred and Morgana’s death. They keep saying they were happy with the ending and glad they went out on high, I’m positive I am NOT the only one who vehemently disagrees with them. Not only was the ending not something to be happy with but I have never been lower than when this show ended. We deserve to be happy, after all we were faithful to this show for 5 long years. I want my Merlin back. Let’s get this done.

  40. Plz producers and BBC don’t be like Uther who banned the Magic. Let the Magic of Merlin return in our life. It never meant any harm then y would u not want to continue this brilliant drama. We never liked uther bcoz of this reason because he was a stuborn, heartless man who killed innocent ppl and never cared for others feelings and lives. U r doing the same. U are killing the innocent feelings of fans, we love Merlin and we wont rest untill we get it back!

  41. Discusting the way the producers ended it for us die hard fans so many unanswered questions even a one off episode on a DVD to fill in some blanks would be nice please bring back merlin

  42. Hi, I have just joined you from Merthers to save Merlin, I think it’s a great idea for us to work together, and I agree with all your views. I still can’t watch episode 5 without feeling the same sadness I felt on Christmas Eve of all nights. I would be happy if Merlin never ended, but I would settle for a feature length to sort out the mess and series 6 to explore Arthurs reaction to Merlins magic, and the fun that could bring after he gets use to the idea. There are several ways they could sort it out and we cannot let them tell us otherwise. Thanks for this , we can do it together.

    • Hi Vicki

      Yes, I agree! Thank you… we are very happy to be working with Merthurs…. You will soon see links etc. here on this site to them. We are joining together in the spirit of the values of Merlin to bring Merlin back to our screens. So please do sign up, comment on Merlin Mission Statment & Magic of Merlin if you have time and share ….. check back in, we have a plan!

  43. I am a 66 yr old widower, retired and living in Florida, USA. I have never been so enthralled with a series as i have with Merlin. Well maybe Downton Abbey, which i also look forward to seeing every week. Merlin one of the best tv series ever, well written, top notch cast and a multitude of twists and turns. And there are so many more twists, turns and paths this series could go down. Fulfill all the promises you made to the fans who have followed you faithfully for five years, do not let us down.
    Thank You,

    • Hello Chuck

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I too have never been so enthralled with any tv series or show as Merlin. We do have a plan to go to the creators & actors but right now we are building numbers. So if you have time, please also comment on “magic of Merlin” and Merlin: Mission Statement and also sign up and share as much as possible. Thank you!

    • Thank you Chuck and all the other adults that have made comments I now feel Iam
      not nuts. I was not at all happy with the ending and felt sad when it was over. I was telling myself how could I feel this way its only a TV show. I watched season 5 again
      hoping that I would feel better about the ending but I did not.
      Before watching the last episode I was looking forward to buying the entire 5 seasons but after seeing how it ended ….
      One other thing once the 5th season is finished in the states there will be a million more Merlin fans doing the same thing we are now. Once that happens there will be more Merlin because the USA is a superpower when it comes to its TV fans

  44. We need to have some satisfaction, we have all been introduced to Merlin at a young age, Now they need to tell the story and stop ENDING our FAVORITE Shows!!!! Thanks

    Now listen to all of the people that LOVE Merlin!!!!!!! Lynda

    • Hi Lynda, yes indeed. Please do comment on Magic of Merlin & Merlin Mission Statement too if you have time and sign up. We have a plan and we need numbers to show creators/actors that this is a solid movement with thousands of supporters…. thank you! Also share everywhere you can!

  45. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog and this blog entry. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I’m not a swooning fangirl either; I’m 39, a teacher from Germany, mother of 4 (who love Merlin just as much as I do!), and I’m shocked to find myself devastated, heartbroken, emotionally traumatized at the hands of a TV series! Merlin was a wonderful show. It had it all – adventure, romance, fantasy, friendship, love…I’ve never before written angry posts anywhere because of a series, but now I am compelled to do exactly that. The ending was so rushed, so wrong, so out of keeping with the tone it had set. There are so many ways it could have ended in keeping with legend and still have it end well. There are so many versions of Arthurian legend, so many authors throughout the times who edited the material, changed and added to it and made cuts, from Monmouth to Malory to Zimmer Bradley – the writers had every right to do so themselves, to fit the Arthurian sujet into their ingenious concept of a Smallville-like Merlin universe. It would have been possible, so it’s a shame they didn’t want it. I’m bitterly disappointed and I really don’t want my kids to watch the last episode. There will be tears. I know I have been repeatedly crying my heart out after watching the finale, and as I already said I’m no fangirl. I’m heartbroken that Merlin had to end like that. I want another ending! Make series 6 already!! Please!

    • Hi Kirsen

      Thank you for this wonderful comment. Spot on. We are definitely not alone! Did you read Merlin Mission Statement (menu tabs at the top) and Magic of Merlin? If you have time, please comment on those too. We are at the moment building numbers prior to putting into action our plan… we are working with the Merthurs group on Facebook and there is a good plan but we need numbers. So please sign up and share, comment etc.

  46. Loved Merlin along with my 16 year old son,both of us are so unhappy at the demise and terrible ending.I agree with all that has been said,come on we all know there are so many other plots that could be explored!

    • Hi Nicki

      Thanks Nicki… my daughters feel the same… the response to Merlin’s end goes across all ages, for sure. It really has touched something deep in people’s hearts. Please do also read “Magic of Merlin” & “Merlin Mission Statement” & sign up, comment share.. we do have a plan so keep checking back.

  47. Thank you so much for this article. It says everything that I and most other fans have been thinking! I believe we have been badly let down by the writers, how could they do that to us? We need a season six, hopefully following immediately from season 5. Arthur doesn’t have to die at the end. He can go on to rule with Merlin at his side for many years. I too am a middle aged viewer who came to Merlin somewhat late but I now love it and was devastated at how it ended!!

  48. Well said,
    Merlin is the first tv show (and probably the last) where I too have actively sought out more information on the internet and joined in various online communities for all things Merlin.
    Not only that, I have gone further in reading any book and article I can find on the subject matter, whether it be nonfiction, fiction or esoteric.
    I have shared your blog on Live Journal, as I know there are a lot of people who feel the same.
    We need to let BBC/Shine know that we are not satified.

    • Hi Elissa… thank you so much for you wonderful comment. Me too, I have never really spent any time like this on any movie or tv show before either; that is a testament to the deep effect Merlin has had on us all.

      Thank you for sharing…. yes, we will be letting them know.. we have a plan! Keep checking back in and sharing.

  49. Yes, emphatically to all you wrote!

    For me, right now, above all things, I want to see Merlin acknowledged and respected for what he truly is. I want Arthur and the knights to see him in all his glory as the greatest sorcerer and not merely a bumbling, good hearted manservant. I want to see them realize how often Merlin must have risked his life through all the years when he did use the ‘forbidden, punishable by death’ magic and how instrumental he was to the founding of Albion.
    Why couldn’t the powers that be have given this to us?
    Oh, sure, they showed us Arthur’s reaction and realization in the denouement but how could anyone really think that brief interlude would be satisfactory and that ending would meet all the expectations they had raised over the preceding seasons?

    We ought to have been allowed to see and enjoy Merlin get the respect he has earned time and time again. Instead we are left…
    Unfulfilled. Indeed.

    • Hello Abigail.. thank for that wonderful comment of support. I agree with everything you said. I want to see that also. Please do continue to comment, share on twitter, fb and anywhere else you can. When we have enough numbers on this blog which is respectful and done with integrity, I feel we can go to the creators and ask for more Merlin.

  50. Oh My Goodness,
    This is absolute truth. Truer words never written. As an “older” viewer I too had never expected to be scouring the internet for all things Merlin. But alas I did and have even written pieces and commented on various articles.
    I feel thoroughly cheated by the promises made during the 5 years of watching this show, the very same ones listed in this piece. I could not have gotten my feelings written any better if I had dictated them myself.
    Thanks for reading my mind and putting it into words.

    • Merlin was the only thing I watched and I am 13 and I don’t watch it for oos and aas. Merlin is the best retell of the legend but I have to say the way it ended was terrible i agree with everything that is written. BRING MERLIN BACK

      • Hi Lateesha

        That’s wonderful! Thank you for your comment. Yes, we are working on it So please share this in as many places as possible and check back often, we are working on a plan. ALso comment on the other pages :Merlin Mission Statement & Magic of Merlin.

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