I just watched Merlin… Again!

I just came back to the Blog after a long time away. My Mom passed away and I spent a year and a half in the UK after that and it’s taken me awhile to get more settled back home.

Since I first watched Merlin in 2012 (I binge watched all Series and watched then last few episodes on youtube as they were being uploaded a few hours after being screened in the UK). I have watched Merlin again and again. But during the last couple of years not really. I think I watched “A Servant of Two Masters”. and “Goblin’s Gold”. once or twice along the way but nothing more.

A few days ago, I finished watched the whole series through again.. from the beginning! Except of course for the last two episodes. Because I had not watched it for awhile, it was a bit like watching it for the first time.. I mean I was again captivated by the magic, the inspiration, the love between Arthur and Guinevere, the bond between Merlin and Arthur, the Father Son love between Gaius and Merlin, the camaraderie of the Knights, the integrity, the honor, the lack of gratuitous violence and CGI, the wisdom of Kilgharrah, the excellent storylines (until the end of course), the way the “olde religion” was woven into many of the stories… you know, the whole magical experience. Gosh how I missed it!

So I am born anew into Merlin and focusing on getting a Movie made. We can do it. I think the actors, after 5 years, are ready for it. For heaven’s sake, I was SO glad when it was announced there would not be a second season of Damien… hopefully Bradley has explored his dark side and the darkness enough now. I bet he’d love to play Arthur again. I know Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper and the rest of the Knights are up for more.

So let’s show them that we are STILL here. We Still LOVE Merlin and we want more! Write a topic piece about why Merlin was so important to you and share it here or on the blog (or both!). There are over 25,000 members of the Merlin- Arthur blog. I am posting this piece there too.



What was MAGICAL for YOU?


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I just watched Merlin… Again! — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for your posts and comments here. I am semi “joining” with the moderators/admins to comment occasionally and read all your posts. I’m excited at the renewed activity and interest in this site!

  2. Ah now I want to binge watch Merlin (for the millionth time). What makes Merlin so important to me are the relationships. It was absolutely beautiful to watch love turn into hate (Morgana and Uther) and vice versa(Arthur and Merlin). In general, Merlin is just so magical and is a show that you can always go back to, it never gets old!

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