Why do so many people mourn the death of Arthur?

It is 3 days since I watched the final episode of “Merlin” on Christmas Eve.    The tears still stream down my face every time I think about Arthur’s death.     I am bereft.  It is as though I have lost someone so close to me I cannot bear the sadness and pain.

Merlin & ArthurI’ve tried going back and watching earlier episodes to remind myself of the funny moments, the romantic moments, the moments of hearing the characters express from the heart.    I’ve tried watching something else.. not even possible.    I’ve tried focusing on other things :  work, a hike in real nature that usually has me on a high… but as I was walking along amongst the trees with the magnificent views of the ocean and mountains around me, all that was going through my head was why?  and “no, no, no!”

The part of me that can still think relatively clearly has been stunned by the enormity of this reaction to the death of a character in a TV show.    What is going on?   As someone who has done my fair share of processing feelings, analysis of self, childhood et al,  I am almost trained to think :  what is this?   Why am I having such a seemingly out of ordinary reaction to an ordinary event?    Surely it cannot be just a reaction to a mythical character in a TV show.    I checked through every level of pain, events, relationships, anything that could be the real reason for the level of sense of loss that I have been feeling.   Nothing.

Then I spoke to my 20 year old daughter, currently in Paris and she was the same.    She too was in grief, wondering why her reaction to Arthur’s passing was so strong.    Then I got online and surfed through the hundreds of comments on everything from the BBC to Imdb.   The comments ranged from the pure angry:   “F….. you BBC” to   “I can’t stop crying”  (there were a lot of those) to the analysts who questioned why Arthur had been allowed to die when he could so easily have been saved again.     The reasoning there being that since the series have not adhered strictly to legend (or history, or both) thus far,  why did they have to end the series this way?

When I saw the reaction out on the net, I thought… hah, at least I am not alone.     This is about feelings.   All over the world, literally, peopele are feeling a huge sense of loss; a sense of loss far greater than the death of a mythical character in a TV show could or perhaps should illicit.       So what is it?     What is so unbearable about the loss of Arthur?

What does Arthur represent?    Arthur is the leader.. but the good leader.   He walks through the world with honor, integrity and most importantly with heart.    Across 5 series, we have seen him care as much for the little man as for his comrade in arms, as much for his servant as for his friend.      Arthur always does the right thing, not caring what may become of himself.      But more important than even that, Arthur makes decisions with his heart with encouragement from Gwinevere along the way.    How many times did we hear Gwen say “you’ve a good heart, Arthur, don’t ever change”.      Even when he was led astray by Agravaine or others he would heed Gwen’s words and come back into his heart.. and he always did.

Arthur is gentle in love, strong in battle and loyal in friendship – a true hero.     Contrast that with what we have in our world today:   leaders who care nothing for the people and make decisions accordingly… a population  who for the most part have become lost in the drudgery of their existence, not living with passion, just surviving.   People who now treat each other as they see demonstrated in movies and TV:  if not violent in action then most assuredly violent in words and thoughts.    As Arun Gandhi, Mahatma’s Grandson says,what is accepted as communication in today’s western society is violent… words spoken without courtesy, consideration or love.

The entire series of Merlin showed people and values that have all but disappeared from our world:  people speaking to each other with respect, caring, loyalty amongst friends, brothers, sisters and community.  Honor and doing the right thing.  Even the romance showed us what true love is:    not rough “I have to have you now ripping clothes off” but gentle, Sacred Love.

And wonder of wonders, due to the time in which is is set, no guns going off constantly, no blood spattering everywhere and bodies being shown in graphic horrific detail, no flash, flash flash on the screen every 5 seconds.

Arthur represents all that is good, the light, the truth, the way to live.  In our individual and collective psyches, he is the ideal for which we long, the ideal for which we want to strive, the person we wish to be.        We mourn the loss of that light, that connection to truth that we miss so much.     We can almost taste the feeling of being that, of living in this way… and so we mourn.

And what of Merlin?   Merlin’s grief is ours also; for why did he fight so hard to support Arthur?    Perhaps at first he was told it was his destiny but very quickly Arthur became for Merlin as he does for us all.     Merlin lives on, a true hero and another who represents all that is good, but the light that is Arthur is gone.

Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) have given us permission to want that way of living again, to abandon the values that have been trumped at us for so long and return to walking on the Earth with integrity.


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Why do so many people mourn the death of Arthur? — 150 Comments

  1. I just finished watching. I am beyond devastated.
    I thought I must be relating something from from my life. I have never in my life been affected so badly with anything on T.V… I am crying like my family member has died. It’s astounding.
    I see your point.. n it’s nice to know we are not alone. There is a truth that resonates in this.. a truth that has died in us. A truth that needs to be revived… something more real than any superficiality in this world.
    My heart hurts :'( ….but u know … there is hope.. n death is transitory. There are things we do not yet know in mass consciousness. We have a lot to figure out 🙂 n it is not the way we are headed… but i have faith in mankind. I have faith that we will reverse our fate.
    Just knowing… it’s there.. somewhere under the surface. I believe.. 🙂

    • Dear eir

      I somehow missed your comment here until now. Thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts here. More than 3 years on and I am still affected. I won’t watch the last episode again. More Merlin is still focusing on getting them to make a movie made to remake the end.

      I too have faith. If you happen to see this comment and want to help in any way, please cmail or comment back. Thank you~ 🙂

  2. Hello,
    So I am late in watching Merlin, I knew about it when it started but never got around to watching it, until I found it on Netflix last Dec (Dec 2015) I have watched all 5 series back to back. It drew me in and I fell in love with it, but now I feel like absolute crap. When Arthur died I was shouting at the TV ‘don’t die don’t die!’ and now I can’t stop crying. I feel so low. I cant eat. How bad is that! How ridiculous is that! When Gwen was banished I felt really upset and I realised at that point that I was emotionally attached to the program. I am having to hide from my family to cry. My husband caught me last night and I had to make something up. What am I supposed to do? I do wonder if it has stirred something up in me from the past. I have lost all my immediate family and have suffered 2 miscarriages so could I be relating to it a bit too much and uncontrollably? But I am not consciously thinking of any of that when crying etc, I only think of Arthur, Merlin, Gwen and the final scenes really. Any suggestions welcome!

    • Hello Genie99!

      Well you may have been a latecomer to the series but you did the same thing as me and so many others: watched it straight through enjoying the magic all the way and then were absolutely bereft at the end. If you search through these comments you’ll find another from a woman who, like you, was crying to much and trying to hide it from people… because doesn’t it sound silly to be so upset about a tv show?

      When the show ended, I had not lost people as you have. I have since then. I actually don’t think it’s that, I think that it is simply that we are surrounded by such anger, hatred, violence in speech and action that this, Merlin is different: it is inspirational, the characters speak with love and respect to each other, Arthur an Gwen’s love (read Sacred Love on the blog here, it’s one of the early ones) Arthur and Merlin’s deep bond of friendship, it is what we all miss and desire.

      Well, I know what I did! I started this blog and then the “More Merlin Project” This blog has over 25, 000 subscribers, we are the largest presence worldwide with the focus on getting More Merlin. So if you would like to channel some energy into getting Merlin back, we need help!

      Our latest venture is Tsu. If you join us on Tsu and if you are into any other social media, let us know!
      You are also welcome to email me – Francesca – at “merlin@moremerlin.com” and I can share more because there is a plan to do a movie and have that end re-written.

      We have not given up! We need a new ending. And it will come.
      Thank you for taking the time to post here.

  3. I am with you on this one. I am also devasted about the ending. I am watching the series from DSTV but the series hasnt ended. It airs on Saturdays and this Saturday will be the final. I love the show tremendously and I was saw excited when season 5 began. I havent missed an episode! I have a bad habit of googling shows that I love coz I know in Africa we are behind. Sp as usual I googled Merlin to get sneak peaks of the upcoming episodes. To my utter dismay shock and all that I read that Arthur dies!?!? What? Why? Why? Why did they have to kill him? Ok I had read that the 5th season would be the last so couldnt they just end it on a happier note that kill the King? Not just any King but the King? We have seen him grow seen his wise decision regardless of ones status except for one thing. I really wanted to see this King rule the Kingdom with Merlin not at his servant but his Advisor. Surely it could have ended not with Gwen being handed the crown but with Merlin being appointed as Advisor and magic being allowed or being considered at least. It would have beeen really nice to see Merin wearing better clothes….. I am still in denial coz the episode is yet to air this side. I keep hoping that its a mistake, that it wont happend. I am devasted before I even see it! Can the writers re-do that episode? They can they should! Honestly! Merlin, the Dragon and whatever else magical couldnt save the King that they fought to see ascend the throne? Come on …why kill Arthur? Why? Its the last episode and final why kill him? Can they explain coz this question is going to haunt me forever…I keep re-writing the story in my head…somehow Merlin heals him, Kilgarrah does something other than say its hopeless…something could have been done to save him! anything!

    • Hi Teclar,
      Yes, something could have been done and should have been done. That’s what More Merlin is all about. We are here to try and get something done
      about it. Come over to facebook https://www.facebook.com/moremerlin?hc_location=stream and click “like” on the More Merlin page and visit http://www.moremerlin.com and check out youtube for the We Want More
      Merlin video where fans from ALL over the world are speaking our for More Merlin. Come be part of the team where 1000’s are joining together to
      get More Merlin. Let’s turn our shock and disappointment into a new season and or better ending. Thanks Diane

  4. I’m in the US. I saw the ending just this last week. My family and I have “binge-watched” all 5 series in the last 2 months. Because we had to buy the last season we saw the ending before it airs officially here in the US this coming Saturday. When it does air here, I believe you guys will see an influx of similar feelings from the states. I often get wrapped up in books or tv series, but NEVER have I been effected as I have been with Merlin. I can’t work. I’m in a state of depression and I am always the happy, calm person. It’s going to take me a long time to get back to normal.

    My 14-year-old daughter is feeling the same. Help!

    • Hi Anna

      Totally understand! I am in the US also and did the same thing – watched all 5 series in two months!

      If you want to help bring Merlin back with the ending that was promised, please do the following:

      1 SUBSCRIBE AT OUR MAIN WEBSITE http://www.moremerlin.com
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      & if you want to do more, email us at merlin@moremerlin.com

      There’s LOTS to do!


      I am finalizing the official “we want more Merlin ” video in the next two days,… if you can, get the family together go stand outside and do your entry for the video… here’s the teaser so you can see what we need:


      Thanks for your support! Francesca

    • Anna,
      I totally understand where you are coming from. I came here to after I watched the ending of the show. I was depressed and way beyond my normal self. Francesca let me write my first ever article and it helped me some to put my feeling into words. You can read my article “Merlin’s Spell on My Life” on this blog. Just know you are NOT alone. Your feelings are valid and we all have felt the same and even after 5 months still feel this way. I have still not re-watched the last episodes or even very much Merlin for that matter, just makes me sad knowing how it all ends. I was expecting so much more from the direction the show started and the promises they eluded to during the 5 year run. But I got that crap ending. So to make myself feel like I was doing something about how depressed and angry I was I joined the More Merlin project and am doing something to try and make my feelings focused on what I want and that is More Merlin…. a fix to the awful ending.. so feel free to join us and let’s make this happen. Diane

  5. As you said, I also cried so hard when Arthur died just as if I lost someone very close to me! They aired the finale last week here in Turkey. And I couldn’t have waited for Part 2 so I watched the final episode a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I watched that episode 3-4 times thanks to the re-runs and each time I burst into tears! It is so cruel just to end the series so sadly. It could have ended very happily, too. And we could have been assured that Arthur would rise again after he passed away. I lost a friend who had cancer just a few weeks ago and a ver dear professor in January (for whom I still feel a lot of pain) so the death of Arthur just ends up in my mind ‘Whyyyy?’ along with my grieve and tears. Thanks for posting this and I will check your other projects.

  6. I feel sad too, I just saw the ending tonight, I just can’t believe they killed Arthur, and then Merlin centuries later walking along the same path, maybe this is the reaction they wanted from the fans, but to what end I don’t know.

    • Hi Karen oh my goodness yes when I had finished watching I think I was still blubbing! Anyway, from research and more it’s clear that this was a rushed ending thrown together after a change of decision – in August/ Sept they were still talking about Series 6 or a Movie and then Bam, this….. it was done very fast.

      That’s why we are here with the More Merlin Project – please SUBSCRIBE over there: http://www.moremerlin.com…. if you are on fb, we are there, youtube, twitter etc. We need numbers and then we are about to put the “We want more Merlin” official video… the teaser is here: http://www.moremerlin.com/#!more-merlin-project/ci1c

      Thanks for your support!

  7. I agree with this article completely. The mourning I feel over the way this series ended is astounding to me. My whole family is in disbelief. I was awake half the night mourning Arthur and the hum-drum life Merlin was living. Can’t say anymore right now.

  8. Thank you Francesca for a most eloquent article. You are right in saying that the series awakened deep feelings in many people. I cannot believe that nearly 3 months after I saw the finale I still feel so emotionally engaged.
    However, I’m afraid that the abrupt and disappointing ending is all to do with practicalities and nothing to do with plot or character development.
    Series 5 was stuck in the Morgana/Arthur power struggle rut, and quite frankly was going nowhere and getting boring. Then suddenly in 2 episodes – wham ! – it’s all over. This was all due to the fact that the cast were offered series 6 during the making of series 5. Until they made up their minds all the writers could do was keep them going round in circles because they didn’t know which actors they would have available for the next series. Then Bradley James said no to series 6 almost at the end of series 5 (the announcement was only made a month before the ending) so the writers felt they had no choice but to send the entire wonderful edifice they had created over the edge of a cliff. Massively disappointing and not at all what we had been promised for 4 years.

    • Hello Kath

      Thank you for your comment. Actually sources behind the scenes indicate it was not just because Bradley said no. Not quite that simple but you are right, it was a disappointing ending and not what we had been promised for 5 years (see Merlin Unfulfilled) Thank you again!

  9. I spent a very active summer a few years ago giving all my time and efforts to trying to get CBS to renew “Moonlight” (the vampire show — not the old Bruce Willis “Moonlighting”) and ended up being denied, furious and frustrated. I feel EVEN WORSE about the way the BBC completely spoiled the amazing, beloved “Merlin” by abruptly ruining everything that might have provided hope and a fond farewell to such a great show with wonderful relationships. As mentioned above, the writers didn’t completely follow the accepted myth/history anyway and so could have come up with an ending that satisfied all the loyal watchers. Please let me know if there is more I can do to help you try to convince the producers to present us with a special (or even a DVD alternate ending) to ease this pain and outrage!

    • Hi

      Thanks for your comment. I know how you feel.. lots of us do. Perhaps there are more people who feel strongly about this? This movement is growing daily and the last episode has not even aired in the US yet… so there is hope. We are committed and we have a cohesive plan that will be implemented soon. Please do subscribe and share this blog.. especially the MIssion page, Magic of Merlin, Merlin Unfulfilled. Thanks for your support!

    • I feel that in our grief we’re missing Merlin’s last lesson. The show taught us to be loyal and true, yes, but also that fairness wasn’t always certain in the world, and it took love and camaraderie, patience and time to overcome. Most of all it takes courage. Why did the show have to end on a happy note? It takes hardships to grow.

      In the adolescence of our technological revolution, when all is confusing and changing, we will need Arthur again soon. But that time is not yet here. We’ll need someone to unite the world and take down the corporations. Merlin is still waiting for Arthur, and so can we.

      Until then, you’re the voice. 😉 Merlin <3

      • Thanks for commenting Luinilisil, and we surely know that this world does give us fairness and that one of the main reasons I loved this show. I could escape the realities of this cold cruel world. This world has enough unhappiness in it and therefore having a show where we could get a piece of happiness was really refreshing and I for one wanting a happy ending because if I wanted unhappiness I would watch the news. We are waiting for Arthur and we are working hard to bring him back. If you are interested in helping us please subscribe and watch for the upcoming events where you can participate and help make it happen. Thanks Diane

  10. I have not even seen the final episodes yet (in Canada) but am already bummed out by the ending. If Arthur had to die in the eppy, they could have had the present day scene go like this – Merlin is hitchhiking on the road and is picked up by a man who looks like Arthur, Arthur looks at Merlin and says “have we met before?” or something like that, Merlin smiles knowingly, maybe there is some joking around between them as in the old days and there is a fade out with the music as they drive off together – and you at least believe that Albion will live again and that Arthur and Merlin are reunited in a different time. That would have been uplifting at least I think.

    • Hi Maria

      Yes, I’m in the US… (I couldn’t wait for scifi, I watched them online) Please do read Merlin Unfultilled, Mission Statement and subscribe. We do have a plan but need numbers so please comment, share .. thanks for your support!!

  11. Although, I feel very sad that Arthur died, what upsets me most is the way Merlin is cheated. He endured so much to try to fulfill his destiny to protect Arthur and help him build Albion, but in the end it was all for nothing. He briefly gets recognition, and thanks, from Arthur, but just as they could possibly be friends on an even level, just as the kingdom is about to be all that it could be, is supposed to be and what was PROMISED to be, it is jerked away and Merlin is left without his best friend and as a failure.

    The only reason I will say that I am still glad to have watched the show was to see how brilliant Colin and Bradley were. I hope I will get to enjoy them in better and more satisfying productions in the future.

    • Hi Katie

      Thanks for your comment. I agree. Did you read “Merlin Unfulfilled?” and Mission Statement. We do have an excellent plan to bring Merlin back but right now we need numbers, so please subscribe, comment on those and more and share this blog! Thanks for your support!

  12. Found this site by accident.

    You know I really don’t know what is worse, the rushed ending, or the fact we were told with 4 or 5 eps left “oh by the way, this is the last season” by the bbc. Especially when there were supposed talks about a 6th.

    I haven’t seen or heard anything concerning the cast. Im sure they are aware by now of the backlash the ending has caused. Of the feelings of betrayal felt by fans. Has any one of them come out and said anything at all? They said the ending would leave the fans satisfied. They were sooooo wrong about that. Colin, Bradley, anybody said anything?

    • Hi Immortal Emrys

      Well I”m glad you found the site (I’d love to know which accident… maybe the steps we are taking to find people are working!)

      What I have heard is that Bradley is the only one who said he was finished…. (back in November) BUT In January he is quoted in one article as saying “never say never” so that’s a step in the right direction.

      We are truly working to bring Merlin back… please do read the Mission Statement, Merlin Unfulfilled and Magic of Merlin and comment there.. Please subscribe and then share this site with friends, fb, twitter etc. When we have enough numbers… we have a plan to approach the people who make the decisions… we are truly focused on it. Thanks for your support!

      • You have my support. I did have a small site sometime ago featuring my own merlin wallpaper creations, but some mouth complained and they took it down citing copyright infringement.

        Ill let people that I know are fans know about this place. But I personallyI don’t hold much hope. Some shows here in America were cancelled before their time, and despite the backlash, we were ignored. Making money is far more important to them than pleasing viewers.

        Ive heard about Bradley. I would like to think hes joking. That’s not a good way to stay on the good side of fans. Replacing him is an option, but not a good idea. Not with the chemistry the entire cast had together, especially between him and Colin. unless he has a identical twin brother.

        Another scene upsetting the fans was the cheap quick death of Morganna. I heard that she and Merlin came up with that idea. Ok, maybe she didn’t deserve an all out battle to the death, but we still were looking forward to it. A final battle to rival Harry Potter and Voldemorts

        • Hah.. what a pity about your wallpaper creations… silly. Anyway… our plan is solid. I do have some experience in the industry and a marketing background so I know what we need to do.. but we need numbers first. I have google analytics on the site…. and it’s already growing but we need to be able to present: number of total hits, number of subscribers and no of comments. Plus selected content .. we are going to bring something they can’t refuse. It was not canceled because it wasn’t making money/…. the figures were terrific.. something happened between Sep and Nov to cause this decision. We can only guess why but we are not giving up!! thanks again

    • While I’m sure the actors are aware of the backlash, please don’t feel betrayed by them. Bradley has only said he said “no more” the once, and that the BBC wanted more seasons. Colin has said in an interview that he and Katie were totally shocked at the SDCC last year when Julian and Johnny announced the possibilities of a 6th season and/or movies. He has also said in a separate interview that they are obligated to say what the producers want them to say. Which leads us to suspect that they are under confidentiality agreements or such about any talks of contract renewals that took place. Whatever happened behind the scenes things have not been handled well.

  13. Despite trying another half a dozen attempts at posting under the ‘Magic of Merlin’ page, I am still getting the ‘wordpress’ error message, so I am posting under this page:

    The magic of Merlin for me encompasses several interests. I’ve always found the dynamics of close friendships/bonds appealing (e.g. Kirk/Spock, Frodo/Sam etc) and watching stories where those strong bonds are depicted positively or being tested to the extreme makes for fascinating viewing. In this respect, not only do we see the developing friendship between Merlin and Arthur we also see a similar strong bond develop with the father/son relationship in Gaius and Merlin. So I’m doubly happy.

    I’ve always loved stories set in medieval times which involve epic landscapes, horses and sword fighting all interwoven within a theme of good versus evil.

    I’ve always had a love of magic, wizards and sorcery (HP, LOTR). Add to these ingredients, the wonderful acting in Merlin along with mythical creatures, amazing special effects, charm, humour and captivating stories and for me, that is the magic of Merlin!

  14. I’m trying to add comments to your ‘Magic of Merlin’ page I can’t add comments as it gives me the following error message (which I’ve had before when I’m posting message). Other times I’ve been able to post successfully and yet I’m not doing anything different. I would hate to think that other people are trying to post supportive messages and not being able to.

    Spam Free WordPress could not retrieve the password from the server. It may be necessary to do one, or all, of the following. Turn on the Old Password Fields option, turn off Nonce Security, or to turn on Generate Comment Form. Troubleshooting

  15. I’m actually crying! This is so beautiful! I love the way you have compared Arthur (a great leader) to modern people like all these rubbish leaders! And how Arthur (and everybody else in those days) were always so caring! Even Morgana was worried for Arthur in the first series! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! 😀 😀

    • Hi Maryam

      Thank you for your wonderful words of support. Well I had been crying a lot when I wrote this piece! It seems a lot of other people feel the same.

      Please do sign up and also comment under Merlin: Mission Statement, Merlin Unfulfilled and Magic of Merlin…. we are building up numbers of people we do have a plan to bring Merlin back.

  16. I read the article about the commentary and couldn’t believe what I heard when Julian Jones said he thought the audience would feel cheated if Arthur lived / a happy ending. On what planet does this guy live?! How could he be so unaware / unattached to the impact of what he was writing/directing on the audience. All it did for me was to make up my mind that I am NOT going to buy the DVD box sets. Merlin for me is going to end with Series 4.

    • Hi Lynnie

      I think this article was all about the shock value; I would not necessarily believe its accuracy. In any case we want to keep focusing on building numbers, sharing the blog preparatory to our plan to bring Merlin back…. so please do comment under Magic of Merlin, Mission Statement and share! Thank you!

  17. I have read, but not yes listened to Julian Jones (the writer of the finalés) commentary on that episode. And I am not sure I want to, watching the finale was gutwrenching enough, but to hear that it gets treated as one big joke as they laugh and carry on, talking about gay and lesbian love is really what Merlin was all about – no wonder we feel cheated.

    • Hi Elissa I saw that blog.. I have not listened to the interview but my sense is that the writer of that blog took comments out of perspective. I don’t think this was a serious attempt with them saying that it was a gay relationship…. not at all. This is what happens when authors take liberties with an interview so that they can get more people to read their article…. I was not impressed with the article and don’t believe it.

      In any case, I know for me Merlin and the relationships portrayed was and remains wonderful: full of integrity, honor and truth. Blessings

  18. I discovered Merlin through the magic of the internet a little over 2 weeks ago. It didn’t take long for me to become immersed in the world of myth, sorcery, nobility and betrayal. It was like reading a fascinating book, I wanted to know what would happen next. It was hard to ‘put it down’ each night and I confess I lost much sleep so I could watch several episodes each evening.
    When I knew the final episodes were coming up, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch them. I felt truly torn. Even though I know the Arthurian legend and how it ends I cherished a hope that this show, which had played fast and loose with that legend, would find a way to provide an ending which would keep the promise of the preceding seasons. So I decided to watch, hoping for a fulfilling ending.
    Ever the optimist, I kept hoping right up until the very end that Arthur would be saved. After all this was a land of myth and magic. Merlin was the most powerful warlock, he had a dragon at his call. He and Arthur had a destiny to fulfill.
    And what happened? Arthur dies on the shore of the lake, with Avalon in sight. My first reaction was a feeling of shock, sorrow, tears, the whole gamut of I can’t believe they did this. Now 24 hours later I still feel bereft and sad but I think more than anything I feel a sense of anger and betrayal.
    For all those previous episodes we kept hearing about the golden age of Camelot, everyone will be equal, Merlin would work to bring magic out into the light, etc. And at the very end, nothing. Nada, Bubkus.
    Merlin the great sorcerer who smote the enemy from high on the hilltop, why didn’t he just smite them all and prevent Arthur’s confrontation with Mordred? After all, he knew it was coming. Or at the very least when he called the dragon, why did they get dumped on the shore? Why not take them all the way to Avalon? Was there a no fly zone over Avalon? Or why didn’t Merlin ask the dragon to heal Arthur?
    I don’t know. I think I feel cheated. This ending….was heartbreaking.

    • Oh Abigail… I couldn’t agree more. Exactly. I love the part about “was there a no fly zone over Avalon?” Yes, it was heartbreaking.

      Thank you for this wonderful, heartfelt comment. We want Merlin back. A re-write of the end please. Thank you.

    • Abigail,
      Oh My Goodness, this — Even though I know the Arthurian legend and how it ends I cherished a hope that this show, which had played fast and loose with that legend, would find a way to provide an ending which would keep the promise of the preceding seasons. — is EXACTLY what I say. They played it how they wanted and then in the end they want to say they were going along with the legend… PLEASE! They promised one thing and then bam… flipped us on our head.
      We would love a rewrite or better another series or more, but at least 1.
      If we can get the message out we’ll see what we can do.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Agreed! It took so much leeway with the lore, I thought, “Surely, they’re not going to kill him. The dragon will get him to Avalon and everything will be OK.”


      So sad.

      My brother-in-law got a hold of me after he watched it and all he said was, “That ending was bullshit!” Yep.

      • Hi, ya know what? That ending was crap. They took so many liberties with the show for 5 long years teasing us with a magic reveal and an Arthur rule with Merlin by his side and then in the end cheated us, they gave us the same ole same ole. One of the many reasons I’m here working with the More Merlin team to try and rectify things. To fix that ending and give us more of what they promised. Be sure and go to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/moremerlin and click on the “like” button, visit the website http://www.moremerlin.com and subscribe there and watch the official We Want More Merlin video on youtube https://www.facebook.com/moremerlin, like the video and leave your comments. Spread the word that we are here and need all the fans to speak as one as we work to get us all More Merlin, doing these things will help greatly in the effort to bring Merlin back. Thanks, Diane

    • Not crazy, there’s just something about this series that has touched our lives and we want more. Gave us a world where good triumphs evil…. at least until the show ended, when they flipped our world on it’s head.

  19. I tried to post this on the ‘Merlin’s Spell on my life’ but it wouldn’t accept my comments. However, another thought provoking piece. I feel so saddened when I see the amount of grief that the final has left people trying to deal with.

    For me personally, I am beginning to get back to normal now; I’m managing to sleep OK and I’ve got my appetite back.

    And, I really didn’t think it was possible – but I have gone back to the first series and am watching it again. I came to the conclusion that it was making me feel worse, adding to my sense of bereavement – by the thought of never seeing Merlin grace my screen again. I am very aware of the ending but those first episodes seem so far away from it. For me, the journey is more treasured than the conclusion. Also, who of us goes through life knowing the outcome of any actions we make take? We can only act from the knowledge, thoughts and feelings we have at the time. Given his time again, would Merlin have changed what he was trying to achieve – I don’t think he would have. His intentions were good, from the heart – isn’t that what counts?

    I do believe that in times of extreme challenge, such as this, that we rely on our life experiences to get us through. I know I’ve been through some truly appalling events and I know how my body and emotions react to it. I’m also fairly resilient and although it doesn’t feel like when it happens, I have found a way through these situations.

    I do feel though for the younger audience who won’t have the experiences to draw on them that time brings.

    I only hope that these personal reflections may bring some kind of comfort or hope to those of you out there dealing with this. With my very best wishes to you all.

    • HI Lynnie

      I just did a test post on “Merlin’s Spell on my LIfe” It does work… you just hit comments which is at the end of the tag section and it comes up.. you could try again!

      Thank you for this lovely comment… I have also gone back and started at the beginning. Had to.. couldn’t watch anything else!
      Thank you for sharing your feelings I do think it helps others.

      I’m also not giving up! I read an article yesterday that quoted Bradley from Dec 4 or 5th where he said “never say never” and I am going to do a “mission” on the blog here: the mission will be twofold: to help people so they feel supported in their own feelings and also to eventually go to the creators/actors and ask for a re-write of the end of Season 5! I think it can be done. All is not lost… I would like to see these wonderful values continue. So keep in touch.. sign up if you have not already…..

  20. I discovered this series in 2009, and have been a fan ever since.

    As much I loved all the eps, the final two parter, even to me, was way too rushed. If they had a 5 year arc, what I feel should have happened was Merlins reveal took place at the end of season 4, a two parter 11 and 12,battle as they did do, then 13, exploring Arthurs fear, mistrust, feeling betrayed and finally acceptance. That would have setup series 5 when magic would have been permitted, Merln would have been advisor to the king and then merlin and Arthur building the golden age together, until the final battle at camalan, which I would have done some time jumping, maybe over a 20 year period, with a much older Arthur dying at the hands of a much older mordred, while Merlin settled Morganna once and for all.

    The writers did change and leave out a lot, like Morgannas dream of Emrys, with him asking her if this is what she really wanted, which never happened, Aithusa being a good sign for Merlin and Arthur, in season 4, what happened with that?

    After arthurs death, Kilgarrah reveals to Merlin about the return of the once and future king someday, saying his final goodbye, THEN maybe the very ending shot would have made sense and not upset fans so much.

    • Hi

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I agree… the last two episodes were very rushed. We would like to see a re-write of the end… perhaps adding 3 episodes on to Series 5 or making a short Series 6 where the things you mention can be addressed and we can see Merlin using magic in front of Arthur, Aithusa working for the good… the golden age of Camelot!

  21. I was so glad I found this site. I too have been grieving since the final episode aired here in Britain on Christmas Eve. I have tried to find out more about a possible 6th season but it seems the die has been cast and there is no chance that either the film trilogy or a further season will be made as the cast and crew decided season 5 would be the last. I have read that Bradley James said he would consider a movie IF, but only IF, the story was good enough but they’ve all moved on to other work now.

    Personally I would prefer them to rewrite the ending and not have the last 60 seconds at all! It was stupid to think that fans of Merlin would be satisfied with THAT ending. I don’t see why they can’t do a 6th season with Kilgarrah telling Merlin that the only way the King can live is if he (the dragon) gives him his life. The Sidh could grant that wish and with Merlin’s help Arthur could be saved. Freya could return the sword to Arthur from the lake and maybe the Sidh could help her to become human again? (love interest for Merlin once more, it was so heartbreaking to watch when she died!). They could then return to Camelot and we could have one final season with Merlin’s magic revealed to Camelot bit by bit. The white dragon could return and be helped by Merlin who released her into the world – think of the storylines for that! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

    They didn’t stick to the Arthurian legend anyway so there’s no reason it couldn’t be brought back despite the fact that the battle at Camlann has already taken place. Who’s to say that Morgana and Mordred can’t also be brought back? . . . after all, even the script writers said that “No one truly dies in Merlin”.

    • Hi Missing Merlin

      Totally agree! That’s actually what I thought would happen.. because Kilgharrah said he was not long for this world, I thought he would give his life for Arthur’s…. Love your idea about Freya….

      As you say, they didn’t stick to the legend correctly anyway and I think Camlann was not until Arthur was much older.. we need to see Camelot’s Golden age as someone else said.

      I want a re-write! Let’s focus on it..

      Thanks for posting! Please comment on the other pieces and please share…..

      • Morning Francesca . . . After posting on here yesterday evening I slept better than I have for the past three weeks! so thanks for that :o)

        It didn’t stop my mind from whirling with possible storylines mind you *lol*

        Keep up the good work!

        Long Live Merlin

          • Dear Francesca,
            I am so glad I found your article. I felt really embarrassed about the amount of grief this has given me. I actually still feel the pain now.
            I am also one of the slightly more mature generation who has wondered how on earth Merlin has become such an obsession over the last two years. Why do I feel so passionate about Merlin and Arthur?
            You put all these feelings into context. Your comments have made me feel more ‘normal’ again. I cannot give up on the characters yet, I am afraid. To my daughters amusement I have even started writing fan fiction.
            I do wonder if time will help to get over it. I am not sure.

          • Hello Johanna… thank you for commenting. It is some comfort to me to know that sharing my feelings is helping other people with their own! I am not giving up on the characters yet either. Please do read the other pieces on this blog and comment too…. the more comments the more we will be able to go back to the producers/creators and say “hey” you have to think again! Long Live Merlin & Arthur ! (and all the characters in Camelot)

    • Missing Merlin,
      I Love,Love,Love that idea of the dragon giving his life for Arthur, and yes through out the whole series that went against the legend, heck even the show it’s self with Merlin being his servant was inaccurate so why did think they needed to be even close to the legend at the end.
      It’s just me, but I think when Bradley decided he didn’t want to continue they had to do “something” fast and this was what they came up with, pitiful!!
      I remember from an interview that Colin has said something about the last several episodes hadn’t even be written so he had no clue has to what would happen. They could have taken the ending in a whole different direction and made waaayyy more people happy. That’s just my opinion.
      I say re-write and go with your dragon idea!!

      • Hi Diane – glad you liked the idea although I suspect there are many more fans out there with the same sort of idea. I’d really love them to bring back Freya for Merlin. When they get back to Camelot she could become Gwen’s confidante or something. She and Merlin should have their own quarters and be central characters to the whole story. Of course, bringing her back from the dead would mean that she was no longer cursed. You can tell I give this a lot of thought *lol* If I didn’t think about possible Merlin scripts and more hopeful endings I wouldn’t be able to cope.
        Like others have said before me, and since, we KNOW it’s only a TV show and we KNOW the characters are only actors but they did such a fantastic job at portraying those characters we feel they are part of us.
        I read that too, about the writers not really giving them scripts and just writing as they went. Maybe those last two episodes had too much content and they had to cut them to get them to fit the allotted time. If there was enough material for three episodes for the end bit and they hadn’t brought Merlin into the 21st Century then maybe, just maybe it would have ended better. Who knows?
        Keep the faith, hope for a better future and long live Merlin!

        • Wow, with all the imaginations our here there is plenty to make a re-write, series 6 or a movie.
          The producers and writers should hire us all to help with the future of Merlin. 🙂
          I know it has helped me to think up new ways for Merlin to end or more accurate just close… I never leave my imaginings with an ending they always just come to a close with a way for life in Camelot to continue after the close of the show. Everyone is happy, the people of Camelot and the fans of Merlin.

  22. Hi Francesca! Thank you for caring so much about the fans! I really feel better now that i know, there are so many others feeling the same like me! I thought I was stupid to be so sad upon the ending of a show, especially since I´m Mum of a 14 year old and about 40…. *sighs*. But I can´t describe how much Merlin means to me… I was always affected by the thought of sorcery and the legend of Arthur and Merlin. When I saw the first episode of Merlin I thought “what a funny guy playing the Merlin!” But soon he kept my attention and…yes, my love. Colin playes every character so well, he is a fantastic actor. But since I live in Germany, I guess I have a similar problem like you, I don´t get enough information on him. He is not that famous here… I don´t know why! Yet while I´m writing I can´t hold back my tears, because I´m not just sad about Arthur´s death but especially for the death of this fantastic show. And not just this alone. I travelled two times to Chateau de Pierrefonds in France, to see “Camelot” and watching them film. I met a lot of nice people and the moments sitting in front of this beautiful castle together laughing and joking with other fans from all over the world were the best experiences I´ve ever had. Therefore I mourn… I didn´t just lost my favourite show… I lost so much more… WE lost so much more! I knew they had a five year plan, but I always thought, they might end it with the reveal and building Albion… I mean, seriously, we all know the legend and how Arthur died.. so why to show it? And that´s why I´m so sad about… They didn´t show us what they promised us… Arthur died way too soon!!! I know why they where under time pressure. They told the fans in September in Pierrefonds a sixth season might be possible and they had so many stories to tell (actually it was Johnny Capps himself who said that to a friend of mine) and than they had to hurry up, because some of the Cast didn´t want to sign a sixth season… But still I don´t get it, why they had to let Arthur die and let Merlin suffer a 1000 years waiting for his best friends return…. You´re right Francesca… we need a re-write and we need to see Merlin and Arthur to build up Albion and the legalization of Magic!

    All my thoughts are with the Merlinians!

    • Hi Mick!

      Thank you so much! What can I say? Totally agree with you….

      How wonderful you went to Pierrefonds and got to watch filming… . And yes.. I am not a young girl fan crazy in love with Colin or Bradley. Of course they are cute… but I am older. It is about way more than that. As you said, Arthur didn’t die until later.. Camlann wasn’t until later… so we want a re-write!

      I saw your url for the German forum.. I am putting here too: http://merlinforum.de/ for others who want to check it out.

      I think I will add a links page.. for other forums, the petition to “Bring Back Merlin” and more.

      Please add suggestions as to what we can do to achieve our goal! I personally don’t just want to “bring back Merlin” I want a re-write.. I want to see Merlin & Arthur for a few episodes or movie in the Golden age of Albion…. all who agree say so!

      Also, Mick, best way to affect the creators and producers is numbers and numbers of comments. So please comment on the other posts on this blog.. there are 3.. and check back often.. I will write more. Thank you again!

  23. I feel exactly the same. I respected the way they filmed Merlin. No blood, No gory scenes. The romance I found beautiful. Arthur’s death made me realize how much I love Merlin and how much I didn’t want it to end. It was just the way he died and the speech between him and Merlin that was just so heart breaking. I to watch the other series to make it seem like he isn’t dead but once an episode has finished I immediately remember Arthur’s fate. In the series I loved how deeply they put detail into each character. They showed how each character felt about each thing and how their emotions shifted. Even though it is just a TV program I still feel extremely heartbroken. I thank you so much for doing this. It has brought out my true feelings to the light and now I don’t feel as lonely about my thoughts. This has also proven to me that there are so many people out there who enjoy and feel the same as I do. I was one of those people as Andrea said. I sat up till 1:00 in the morning crying with devastation at the fact that Merlin was truly ending. I couldn’t believe it. I had waited all that time just to discover my one obsession in life was definitely ending. My hopes were so high on a sixth series and that is another reason why I am so lonely. You have truly amazed me with all your wisdom on such an event that most people would think ridiculous. I may need a little more help though. It is very difficult to get over and Arthur’s death is making it rather hard to concentrate at school. I find this piece so thoughtful and it would help me so much more if you could add to this. I have seen many tweets about why Arthur died and well I’m sure there will be millions who are still in need of an answer. I know that a legend is a legend and it can’t be changed but why? Why couldn’t they have changed it. The whole series of Merlin was just one take on the legend and I’ve heard that there are many versions. Sorry I’m rambling. Thank you again for this piece. You have put a little piece of my heart back together but I’m going to need help to mend it all.

    • Dear Claire…. thank you so much for you wonderful comments. I am glad that this helped you to know you are not alone in your feelings about the show ending.

      Please do read the other 3 pieces that are on this blog…. and comment too if you feel inclined.

      I am going to write a piece about re-doing the ending. Doing either a Series 6 or re-doing the end of Series 5.. or even a 3 part .. 3 extra episodes.

      So many of us feel this way. We were promised for 5 seasons that we would see Merlin & Arthur together when his magic is revealed; the implication was that there would be the “golden age” of Albion.. where peace reigned and we did not get to see this. They actually moved Arthur’s death up,. I do not believe Camlann happened when Arthur was so young.. he was older.

      If we can spread the word about this site and have numbers of people here expressing their feelings, then I think we can go to the producers/creators and ask for what we would like. There’s power in numbers.

      So keep checking back in… I will be putting links to the Petition online & ideas and suggestions are very welcome! Long Live Merlin!

      • Hi:
        I also agree. I am 61 not a kid. I couldn’t wait until Friday night to watch this show. The chemistry between the actors was phenomonal. This rushed heartless ending truly crushed me. I am not a tv person. I watch this and 2 other shows, nothing else, not even the news. This was devastating to me. I don’t think I will watch another bbc show ever. Horrid ending. Went to bed in tears and woke up still affected… enough to go search out a site like this. Geez. What is this world coming to.

        Sue from US

        • HI Sue

          Totally understand.. I am in the US too. Most of the comments are not from January… scroll on down. THere is a HUGE movement to bring Merlin back….. this is just the blog…. PLease visit our main site here:http://www.moremerlin.com and subscribe. Please subscribe on our youtube: and look out for the WE WANT MORE MERLIN video. We are the largest presence on the web – main site, blog, youtube, twitter, facebook, tumblr & googl+ and the plan is just kicking into gear. we WILL get a rewrite. Please help us by subscribing and sharing all these pages…. email me if you can do more merlin@moremerlin.com

          Thanks for your support! Francesca

        • Hi Sue,
          I too an not a kid and I saw the ending of this show back in Dec. (online) I live in the US and just couldn’t wait to see and now I wish I hadn’t. The ending of this show
          was devastating and cruel. I came looking for a place to pour out my feelings about this show and found this place where others felt the same. Thus were my efforts put forth to helping in bringing Merlin back. Please feel free to visit the website http://www.moremerlin.com and get involved with the efforts to bring back this phenomenal show. I understand the going to bed in tears and still being affected. Like I said it’s been 5 months and I still feel the affects. But I do feel better putting my feelings to work.

  24. Also,A TRILOGY with Colin Morgan and the same basic cast,with epic battles it would very beautiffull!!!I think this was the main idea to begin in 2013?!It will be FANTASTIC also!!!I think here i read it…
    I WANT MORE MERLIN!!!He is so strong actor!I like the idea,of like he said Colin Morgan…”Let’s do Merlin [in a] Lord of the Rings style!”!!!!!Maybie this is the reason of the ends Merlin Series in five season.I hope to see soon us it is possible again Merlin(Colin Morgan and his friends),with more action,and battles!The end of five season it wasn’t at all good.I was disappointed.I expected Merlin to save Arthur.We need and want MORE MERLIN!!!

    • Hi George, thanks for your comment! Yes so many of us were disappointed by the end. I hope now the producers and creators get the idea! I looked at the digital spy link you posted… that was filmed in August 2012. I think since that time they changed their minds… as they said during that interview “we haven’t finished writing the end of Season 5 yet”. I think the end of Season 5 is did not go where they originally planned unfortunately.

      I still think we need to demand a re=write! The end of Series 5 Alternative Ending! And then the movies

  25. Hey I’m totally agree with you! i feel the same! Even my mom was worried for me, i was soo sad!!!& still can’t believe that Arthur Died & Merlin ends! Just think about that, it’s horrible. And you are totally right when you said Merlin teach us many values !! I think Merlin is a way to escape of this world that every day becomes worst because people is jealous, envious, & just think in itself . Perhaps that’s the reason Merlin is soo Special for all type of people since children to adults ! Hope one day BBC see this & make another season of Merlin ! & Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Laura

      Exactly! As the days go by I feel that what we need to do is demand a re-write! They can do a different ending. Either a Series 6 which re-writes the last episode or 3 more episodes on the end of Series 5; changing the last episode and giving us a chance to see Arthur ruling Albion and Camelot in the Golden Years. Let’s work on it!

      • Hi Francesca
        As most of the posts are from January and it is now June I guess they are not going to do anything about a rewrite. What a shame…..again, tell BBC I won’t watch any of their shows.
        Sue from US

        • Oh and Sue, Francesca is right… there are posts that keep coming in with people sharing their feelings and heartbreak and they too have gotten involved
          in the efforts to bring back Merlin over at the facebook page you can talk with others and read there comments as well. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/moremerlin?fref=ts come on over and join us as we grow daily, people still want Merlin and the video show that and the show’s affects are felt around the world, here is the link to the video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM2xOcXDDu8 Diane

  26. I loved merlin so much it was an amazing! i wished it didnt end. and that arthur didn’t die. merlin purpuse in life was to protect arthur now that arthur is dead who does he protect?

    • Hi Jasmine

      Yes, so many of us love Merlin…..please read the other posts… the links are to the right…. we have some suggestions as to how it might continue! Perhaps if enough of us make our voices heard, we can demand a re-write. It could be done!

  27. They gave us a wonderful series filled with the hope and promise for a better world…and ended the story with the main character drowning in despair and loneliness. The hint of an Arthur rising again is NOT enough to give us closure. Yes, the legend itself is dark… and yes the writers were true to the ending as the story has been told throughout the ages. But this was supposed to be a re-telling of the story of Merlin and his dear friend, Arthur– the Once and Future King.. They only gave us the “Once”…Now they need to deliver on the “Future” And that is the reason we are so gutted by the way they ended Merlin…We need to see the promise fulfilled. As far as a Merlin in the future, with a little imagination it would not have to be “Starship Enterprise”! One scenario (and there are many): After being reunited with Arthur, Merlin could discover that something in the distant past has caused a modern-day disaster that only Arthur can change… Perhaps using the Crystal Cave, Merlin returns to Camelot bringing Arthur back with him to right the wrong? Just a suggestion…
    One thing is for sure–Without such a brilliant cast “Merlin” would never have had such an emotional impact on the audience and the story would not have been as satisfying. Anyway… if they DO make a sequel, the only acceptable version would be with the original cast and the amazing on-screen connection/chemistry and comedic timing of Colin Morgan and Bradley James.

    • Absolutely! Totally agree! Very well put! Great idea with the Crystal Cave. The only thing for me about returning in the future would be as I put in “The Magic of Merlin” (see other post under “Recent Posts”) I would not want to see a Merlin filled with gadgets & gizmos instead of the real emotion we have seen across these 5 series…

      Also if you look through comments below, the writers were not quite true to the story because we never got to see the ‘golden age” of Camelot with Arthur, Merlin & Gwen. That would have given us more chance to have closure and also the opportunity for Arthur to appreciate Merlin’s magic across a whole season instead, as Cara I believe says, in 20 minutes!

      But yes, Colin and Bradley together are magnificent and again, Bradley, never say never!

      • I agree too . . . not modern day Merlin, that would be too hard to accept. It is very much the ‘magic’ that we need, the rapport between Merlin and Arthur, the spirituality that touches our hearts.

  28. At last! People who understand how I am feeling. I can’t believe the impact that this has had on me. I couldn’t sleep at all on Christmas Eve with hot tears running down my face and crying on and off for four days. My Christmas was ruined, went completely off my food, have lost half a stone in weight – all through this grief.

    Like you, I searched through life events to see if this was connected to some past trauma that had resurfaced but I could answer immediately, it was nothing to do with the past and everything to do with how this series has ended.

    I understand if the series needed to end; but why oh why did they have to kill Arthur off just at a time when he truly came to know Merlin.

    Bereavement 1) the end of the series, bereavement 2) the death of Arthur, bereavement 3) Merlin’s lost and unhappy years and for me the worst bereavement of them all – 4) the inability to go back to the beginning and watch this series again, because the writers, with their god-awful ending – has completely trashed and destroyed even that.

    It seems to me the writers set out to cause the most distress and trauma they could to a loyal fan base: let’s kill the main character (check), let’s send the other one through gloomless centuries of waiting (check), let’s leave many unanswered questions like did Merlin ever see Gaius again, did he ever return to Camelot (check). Let’s give our audience, adult and children alike, the message that good never wins over evil, no matter how hard you try and no matter how many sacrifices you make, you can’t make a difference (check), oh yes, let’s trash the values and foundation of the whole series so it makes it too painful to watch again (check) and oh, one last thing, let’s get the biggest impact possible by putting this out on Christmas Eve (check).

    Not being able to watch the series again because I can’t get the last few images out of my mind – for me, is the biggest bereavement I’ve tried it, tried watching a couple of light hearted episodes and even that’s just too painful. Maybe it’s too soon.

    The writers ought to have been aware from the start that putting out something that became so loved by so many people, including youngsters, carries a great responsibility (with great power comes great responsibility!) and that includes not traumatising your audience and trashing the message of the whole series. Classics like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars – it doesn’t matter what you put your heroes through, as long as good ultimately overcomes evil.

    I live not ten miles from Glastonbury and I doubt going there will ever be the same.

    I sound so angry and I guess my sadness is turning to anger which I guess is just part of the bereavement process.

    Best wishes to everyone who finds themselves in this awful position.

    • Hi Lynnie.. thank you for those wonderful words! As with some of the other comments, I agree with everything you have said. I love your point that “with great power comes great responsibility” yes indeed writers, creators and producers.. not to mention actors!

      As I say below, I truly think that given the creators made the show so spiritual (I am just about to post that article) that they will take that responsibility seriously if they see just how devastated people are. Meaning in this form.. not in the form of endless images of Bradley & Colin saying “I miss you” but understanding that the series touched a deeper nerve and it needs to continue.

      Please take a look at other posts here and check back often! Let’s keep the magic alive

    • Wow Lynnie,
      Nicely put. I too agree 100% with all you’ve said. I too have not watch any Merlin since the god-awful ending. Knowing what sadness Merlin ends up carrying makes the thought of seeing him think that one day magic will be accepted (which was said so many times) is too much to bear I too would have liked to seen him rejoin Gaius and his friends at Camelot, the thought of his endless sadness and waiting breaks my heart. I believe the producers have a responsibility to the fans to give them what there hearts desire, and I’m hoping they find it in their hearts to do just that.

  29. I think it might have been a ‘comfort’ for viewers, to have seen those Arthur loved most – Merlin and Gwen – ‘sharing’ their grief over Arthur’s death. Instead, we saw Merlin devastated by Arthur’s death on his own (apart from the Dragon being there for a short while!), and it felt like the episode ended too soon with ‘The King is dead’ and ‘Long live the Queen’ being announced. It came across like not many cared about Arthur’s death (when of course other characters would have also been bothered by his passing away!). I think this gave a ‘cold,’ ‘unfair’ feeling which increased viewers’ sadness at how it was ending.

    On a positive note, in an earlier episode Arthur was shown to have spoken to his deceased father’s spirit – so that gives hope that Merlin would possibly still be able to contact Arthur, despite his physical death.

    • Hi there.. thanks for the comment and yes, it might have been a comfort to show some of the characters mourning together… but the show just ended.. bang.. too fast. As you say, Arthur can come back as a Spirit if nothing else. as Balinor and Uther have done.

      I’m not giving up on a return of Merlin!

  30. You have nailed it with your article. I am still a mess about the ending of Merlin. Bradley James and Colin Morgan have made their characters become a part of our souls. They have created a place for us to go to every week to escape the unreal world we live in. You are so correct in your statement about our so called ‘leaders’ in this world and how Arthur has made us hope for something better for ourselves and our world.

    Merlin and Arthur’s relationship is the stuff of legends. They are the epidomy of brotherhood and love. Watching their friendship develop over these 5 years has been a fantasic journey. The whole Merlin concept has been a lesson in values and relationships and how fragile ones family ties are when misunderstandings and misinterpretations happen.

    There is now a hole in my life where Merlin should be. I am still working on finding a substitute, but having no luck. I, too, feel as if a family member has died…. When I watched the final episode, I cried out loud and long. My body was literally in wracking pain and I felt so emotionally drained, I spent the rest of the day in bed. Then the next day, I would not stop sobbing for thinking of Merlin’s pain, Excalibur being drown back into the Lake, and the loss of Arthur.

    Thank you for this article ~~ It was therapeutic…. I knew I wasn’t alone, as my Tweeps all felt as I did, but it is good to read about someone elses journey to coping with the death of a Brilliant story. ~~ Blessings ~~

    • Hello Sandi… thank you for your beautiful words. I’m so glad this article is seeming to help people process their grief around losing Merlin.
      I agree with everything you say above… and in terms of filling the hole… I think I’m now on a mission to have them continue.. somehow. Never say never.

      I am just now writing the article on Merlin & Spirituality (which may become two it’s so long!) and I do believe the creators of this series have a strong sense of spirituality. That being said, I think that if they truly understand the level of emotion that the series has engendered in people and the response to its sudden demise.. they might make magic happen once again.

      So keep commenting, keep spreading the word… there’s power in numbers!
      Did you read the two other posts ? Blessings to you too…

  31. I do agree with the article about the ideals in Arthur and Camelot, the purity of friendship, loyalty and love displayed throughout the series. I can understand how in the modern age we lose the connectedness of one another. Arthur and many of the other characters display the characteristics we long for in both friends and leaders. We especially do not see much of it in the leaders of today. They could learn a lot from Camelot. I like at the end where Arthur said Camelot was more than him, it shows its the ideals and values that live on and not necessarily the man. I have rarely been so touched by a show and so affected by an ending as Merlin.

    I would add to the article the theme of acceptance and inclusion that was seen throughout the series, particularly with Merlin and Arthur. I think so many of us can relate to wanting to belong, to be accepted for who we are. I was disappointed with the ending for the reason that Merlin did not get to see the acceptance of magic fully realized in Camelot. Arthur did accept him at the very end, but it is never directly shown whether Merlin and magic are accepted in Camelot. I think acceptance is as strong a theme in Merlin as friendship. Morgana and Merlin take different paths seeking acceptance of Magic. Uther, Gwen, Arthur and the Knights explore the role of class and acceptance in the Kingdom. Merlin and the dragon explore the acceptance of destiny, and the acceptance of Arthur and Merlin at the end are what drove me to tears and heartbreak. It was a beautiful story, showing how friendship can overcome anything, and I think it’s a beautiful commentary on the acceptance of others in our society.

    • Hi Beth… yes acceptance is an important theme and I agree as others do below that we did not get to see Arthur accepting Merlin with his magic for long. It is as though we were promised that throughout 5 series and then it was reduced to 10 minutes at the end.. The parallels to our society in terms of leaders are profound.

  32. I agree with all you, and everybody else has said. The last episode just left me absolutely bereft. But on another note, it brought up emotions and memories of other loved ones deaths (particulary watching my mother die) and I know a lot of people have felt the same. And its just a TV show, and its not REAL, but it felt very real. Fans have always complained about the lack of cohesive writing on this show, and in this season there was a lot of things that just didn’t make sense. And then we had show runners teasing us with promises of a next season, which didn’t eventuate. So at the end we had a death (with a vague promise of he will rise again) but no sense of closure. There was no loose ends tied up (if any, there are still even more loose ends) The last scene of seeing Merlin an old man wandering the streets alone was truly heartbreaking, and kept me up all night in tears (and I still get teary just thinking about it) And it was jarring and felt wrong. (to me anyway, I’ve got a bookshelf here on the legends, and while he doesn’t die, nor does he necessarily get trapped in a tree or rock, he doesn’t wander the streets forever in grief)
    I’m not sure what we were supposed to take-away from the last two episodes. To me, satisfaction was not one of those things!

    • Hi Elissa.. yes I think many agree with you. The ending had no sense of closure and was not at all satisfying despite the promises by actors and creators prior to the screening. We are not happy ! Perhaps if they really know this.. a Series 6 will materialize.. if not now.. then in the future..

  33. Merlin was the first bbc serious I had chased. Merlin and Arthur’s story line were something I couldn’t find in this world…the friendship, the way to respect each other and the way to show love. I still remembered I watched the last episodes, I was shocked for a week!!!!! Ha Ha, honestly really spoil my Christmas!!!!!! (I told myself never chase BBC programme again.) I felt very sad like I have lost someone so close to me I cannot bear the sadness and pain. I did feel that after the show I had mentally sickness. ^..^ I never had this feeling before. It was very silly!!! I had been watching Merlin for 3 years, every time I watched Merlin could find the love and friendship which comforting me. It didn’t like a film which I invested only might be two hours then I could forget it easily. Ha Ha now I tried to review the blooper and the actor’s interview to remind myself that go back to the real world asap. Just wonder could BBC let us live in a fantasy world!!! Beside all of my feeling, they had done a fab job, very touching ending.

  34. IMHO, the answer is because the show was *truly* magical, and despite Colin’s claims to the contrary, so was he in this role. I am grateful for wise wizards behind the scenes who put all of the right people and pieces in place, from the musicians to the graphic artists. I only wish that they had given us at least one more season showing Camelot it in its golden years before the Camlann climax. I hope that the final scene of a modern-day Merlin walking past the place where he said a tearful goodbye to his friend foreshadows a new series or feature film set in the present day when these wonderful characters, and the actors who played the, will return again to remind us all of a goodness that is worth living and dying for. Thank you cast, crew and producers for opening our hearts!

    • Hi Paul…. Agree with you completely. Yes, thanks to the people who created this show… and yes… we need to see the “Golden years” before the Camlann climax. I still feel that needs to be back in the old days rather than set in present day.. or even post apocalyptic (did you see other post? The Magic of Merlin?) I’m seriously thinking that we need a re-write of the end of Series 5!

  35. Arthur is the light you are right. I am saddened that this program is over. I am left frustrated by the loss of Arthur especially for Merlin. Why did they adhere to legend in the last episode? Couldn’t they have left Arthur and Gwen..out of power but not without means; on their farm…living a quiet life, being an example of Camelot and Albion to another community? Why couldn’t they have done that? Let Morgana have the throne? Maybe or maybe not but wouldn’t it have been nice for Arthur to have a piece of control within his life? His destiny was Camelot…but Camelot is not a castle or a specific land. It is a set of beliefs which we as humans are still trying to latch on to. Hence the universality of this content. Arthur is an historic figure!
    If I had had my way Arthur would have found out about Merlin in the beginning of Season 5 and we would have seen the fear…our fear…if you will…reflected in the “Human” eyes of a powerful, loving leader. Why couldn’t they have had a couple of episodes where Merlin and Arthur were known to each other? Why not see the struggle that Arthur went through over several episodes? Bradley did a beautiful job portraying confidence, fear, disbelief, anger ….the whole greiving of his lost friend…. IN about 20 MINUTES! Why couldn’t he have had time to find that friend again? I believe that MErlin deserved this. How sad to see all that he had worked for destroyed by the loss of one man. Can we believe in Gwen when Merlin is not there to help her? Yes. But what about Gaius? What about the knights? Will they continue on?
    An opportunity to show how loving magic is and how it could have been a magic filled kingdom, with all people as equals would have been preferable. No. Instead we are left with no knowledge of how Camelot might fit into our own consciousness, nor any way of striving to be equals here in the real world. It was a great concept but I wish the writers had not been held back by budgeting or time constraints. I hope they were not held back by the things they left out of this work….greed, selfishness, abasement of all that is good. The real world impeded on the creative one I believe and somehow we are left alone.
    I will miss the actors and I understand that giving 5 years of yourself is difficult. But I’ll bet if the creative team had been more careful…we would still have the actors dying to play these roles.
    Thank you for this cathartic place to express safely what we are all struggling with. I too feel the loss but no way of expressing it in the real world. How sad that any of us should feel ashamed of wishing for a better, more magical, kinder, softer world..If we can all just keep talking Camelot will exist….we can make it happen….We have magic, too. Hugs to all Merlinians and fan’s. <3

    • Hello Cara … I totally agree with you! Especially that Bradley had to fit into 20 minutes all the emotions of finally finding out the Merlin has been a Sorcerer all these years and saving his life all along. Yes! We needed to see the “Golden Age” of Camelot.. with Merlin & Arthur as you say truly knowing each other as they truly are….. it appears we have been robbed of that
      So let’s keep writing and posting so the producers and creators realize we want this to happen!

  36. I found Merlin, only about 1 year ago. It literally saved my life from a depression. I was feeling so empty and sad, nothing to look forward to, so out of place in this world and its cruelty.
    Ofcourse there are good people in it too, but even they seem to have strayed since the series ended. I have witnessed it on my fanpage, the grief people are struck with. And I have not been able to smile anymore since the death of Arthur.

    But I found not the death of Arthur was that which hurt me the most, no it was the actual ending of Merlin wandering alone, grieving and waiting for his light to return. All alone, that’s how the ending made me feel once again. It’s almost like a message has been send by that episode that says, good people die, or end up alone.

    I wish we could have had a small sign of relief, maybe they could have shown not just poor Merlin waiting; but our beloved prince returning from Avalon. At least that way we would have been able to hold on to that slight bit of hope…that was now so brutally taken from our lives.

    • Hello Charlene… I think you are not alone in being rather “saved” by Merlin. Some people in big ways, some in ways that may not seem that big but truly are….that is why there is such mourning. Of course, it is not just the death of Arthur, it is the end…. the way it was shown. It was all so fast. Let’s focus on the return of Arthur and Merlin. It can be done!

  37. I feel the same, well more angry ,
    I think part of the grief every one , me included , are having is simply the way the BBC handled the last season , i know from the 1st season that their would be only 5 seasons so that didn’t came as a surprise
    But over the years people were led to believe that their will be a 6 season , then that was drooped and their were talks about a movie/s and the BBC didn’t say a word
    hai even the actures/ses were talking about a movie.
    then came season 5 with it’s changes but it was still the same in it’s hart
    i think most fans thws who know it’ll end , wonted , for ones a good ending , me included , yes we know the old stories yes we know Arthur gos to avalon Merlin is actual trapped in a tree or cave etc. but since the writers took such liberty
    with the original stories in the show why change all that in the last episode not only change it but go to the other side ,Arthur is dead , in the stories he is taken to Avalon
    so why did they writ something so ” finally ‘
    I have seen 2 shows end 1 is Merlin another one ( i will not name it ) did too but the way the writers producers actors/ses and even the way the net works treated their fans was so different : in Merlin it was cut ,dry and if you look at what the actors/ses say they are very much in to ending Merlin and move on .
    on the other show they ended it also but from the sec they know that it was the last season they keeped telling the fans , every one on the show from the network to the actors/ses kept in touch with there fans they seed, they were going to end it they explained way , and they promised and delivered an ending that was Nobel !
    in Merlin we were given and ending with hulls i did not expect the last story to be so dry , unkind and basically go against the wishes of the fans and i do emphasis that * against the wishes of the fans of the show* ! because with out us fans
    every one connected with Merlin will not come to such stardom the least they could have given us was an ending we deserve and we deserve so much more then that story
    and I wont to make it clear the acting was superb ! as always !, it was i think that sec when Arthur died and did not get to Avalon which did it because they showed us they didn’t relay give a “D” about us they just wonted it to end
    they know we needed a magic revil we got it they know we wonted some friendship we got that too and basically they seed here you go, the staff you wont now go away, you can see that in Gawain’s and Perceval story going after Morgana that was just a stupid story
    it would have been so simple to change 1 thing and every one would have been happy ( well more ppl would have been happy ) Arthur is wounded , not dead , yes, he and Merlin go to Avalon and one day will return the end.

    • Hello Nili yes, I agree with much of what you say. It does feel as though the show just ended without any though as to how the fans would react. Perhaps they did not realize how much the show touched us… but here we are letting them know.
      I am holding out for more Merlin…. I think if we keep posting and sharing.. it will happen.

  38. It’s been over a week now since the final episode and I’ve still not recovered. I spent most of Christmas Eve sobbing on my sofa! Even after spending time with friends and family over the holiday season, I’m still so upset, the episode really ruined Christmas for me. I’ve been watching Merlin since the first episode when I was 15 years old, I’m nearly 20 now and I now find myself mourning over a television character. I know it’s sort of pathetic but I’ve been emotionally invested in Merlin for nearly five years. How can people expect me to move on from Arthur’s death so soon? I’ve had Merlin and Arthur posters on my wall for years; I can’t just get over this. I find myself close to tears at work and not being able to talk to anyone about it otherwise they’ll think I’m mad. It’s ridiculous but I believe you got it spot on; Merlin’s grief was our grief. To have to watch Arthur die in Merlin’s arms after years of watching their wonderful friendship was heart-breaking. To just accept that Merlin will wait years for Arthur’s return is a romantic concept but the audience never received any closure. We never saw Arthur’s return or reincarnation. We just watched him die. While I believe, on the whole, the final episode was quite good (and fairly well written for Merlin standards) I was left unsatisfied and wanting more only to have to face the reality that there’ll never be another series. I’m glad to find people who I can relate to and know that I’m not alone in my suffering. Thank you so much for writing this article.

    • Hi Lauren .. thank you for posting and expressing your feelings too. Yes, I know…. I do really feel that the ending was very rushed and not at all planned. I agree, after 5 years we really needed to see a bit of more time spent rather than just this abrupt ending. I think we need a re-write!

  39. I was crying when I saw Arthur die, hoping that it would not really be the end. I was hoping the merlin could bring him back, like he normally does. When the lorry drive past merlin at the end, a large vastness filled my heart. I wanted more Arthur, more Gwain, even more Morganna. But none of them came.

  40. I was feeling the same way after watching the finale,an emptiness in my stomach,but it was a hunger that could never be appeased.They say all good things must come to an end,but I find little comfort in that.
    I’ve loved this show for about a year,my mom showed it to me on our family Netflix queue recommendation thing,and I instantly became enveloped in the fascinating series;with the fabulous cast of unforgettable characters and exciting (and a bit off from the original story,but lovely)plot twists
    Thank you for writing an exceptional eulogy for this phenomenal show!

  41. Hi Francesca,

    I didn’t see any of the series (also, no TV) but I managed to catch the first episode somewhere, and loved it for all the reasons you mentioned in your blog. It was so full of love, warmth, loyalty, romance, kindness, innocence, integrity and gentleness. These are definitely the things a lot of us are yearning for in our lives. So maybe that was the perfect ending if it gets us all talking about these yearnings in a way that might inspire us to bring these qualities back into our lives and our collective consciousness. We seem to have developed a habit of carelessness. I love, love LOVE this blog!

    • Thanks Diane! Perhaps that is why it ended that way.,…. and we are all still hoping that Arthur comes back in some reincarnation .. if not Bradley, then someone else so all those qualities can stay alive on the screen and be copied by more and more people in real life…. Love. it’s always the answer.

  42. Hello, I’m Samantha, and my Twitter account is @Sam_Rosenwood, from Twitter.
    I’ve noticed the same thing as you did, even though I’ve not watched season five just yet. What you’re saying about violence into words is very true, it checks out every now and then, some people feel the need to be aggressive to others, often for over a thrifle. One can’t say a thing without being told he/she was starting a go by another, for instance. It’s really sad, because it’s the proof than the values reminded of into Merlin across Arthur, are gone with his passing. Yes, Arthur was Goodness and Light alike. You have resumed it well.

    Thank you.


          • From my point of view, when one choose to return on this earth to start another lifetime where he left off into the past one, if I may express it this way, he’ll be necessarily confronted to today’s new technology and TV shows, Francesca. Let it be Arthur and Merlin likewise.

            The other interesting point about reincarnation is the decision to come back or not in our time doesn’t either belong to you or I.

            This decision belongs to the Spirit (for instance here, Arthur’s, or Merlin’s) whom wish to reincarnated itself on this earth.

            Once the Spirit incarnated (back on earth), it is writing a new page of its history, as far it’s been allowed to go for this new beginning of his.

            Of course, this is only what I learnt from my own experience with the matter…

    • Hi Luli.. I know how you feel…. at least you know so many people feel the same way. If we can keep something going .. we can bring Arthur back! I think they always intended to bring him back anyway…. just when and in what guise….. read the other post.. The Magic of Merlin.. talks about that a bit.

  43. Thank you for this! It’s been almost a week and I’m still a mess. And it makes me feel rather ridiculous feeling like this about a TV show, but I can’t help it… I have a lump in my throat that I don’t know what to do with, and I feel sad and cheated. So, thank you for making me feel I’m not alone in this.

  44. Very thoughtful piece! I think that a lot of us are also mourning the loss of part of our connection to other Merlin fans. There will be no more speculation about Merlin’s magic reveal, no more wondering how the series will end, nothing new to discuss and react to. As well as the loss of a character who represented – in part for he did treat people badly too, at times, especially Merlin – the type of person we would all like to be and would like to be lead by, we also lost an huge element of how our fan community functions. We’re also grieving for what we think we are going to lose in the weeks and months ahead now Arthur is gone and show over.

    • Totally agree! Of course we are all missing all the characters and what the show represented… but if we keep it going online in community.. then i trust that Merlin will return! I would like to open this up for others to write pieces also… but keeping it real.

  45. Thanks for making me feel less alone in my sorrow and pain. I’m not sure the tears will every stop and that’s not reassuring. My daughter deserves to have her mother happy like she was before Christmas eve. I feel like I’ve lost two friends, Merlin and Colin and being from the States and having so much distance between any info I can get on him and his future projects had to the grief. I need help, what am I to do? Everything I try to do like before seems to remind me of Merlin or Colin and I don’t know how to get back to normal.

    • Hello Diane… I’m glad this helped somewhat. I am also in the States although as synchronicity would have it I was born in Wales. For us over her it was hard work just to be able to watch Series 5 and the last two episodes. You’re the second person to write something about how to get back to normal….perhaps we need to address that a little more. If the show creators understand how deeply this has affected so many people.. I think they may try harder to get a project going soon. I have to have faith that the creators of such a wonderful show who took us through such an amazing journey will do the right thing.. did you read the piece about magic?

      • No I didn’t , how do I find it? And how to we get the creators to understand just how deeply we have been affected and we need a better ending or better yet no ending just yet? I did hear Bradley James say he didn’t want to continue but I’m sure there are ways to continue without him or they maybe can talk him into at least one more series. I just can’t get over no more Colin as our dear sweet Merlin

        • It’s to the right top underneath the “subscribe” button… I have posted two more pieces: The Magic of Merlin and then just half an hour ago “Merlin: Real Romance at Last” … Let me know what you think! Blessings Francesca and Happy New Year!

          • Thank so much, I enjoyed those as well. Now,how do we get the creators to understand just how deeply we have been affected and that we need more? Thanks for being here for those of us having a hard time getting our lives back to normal and stopping all the emotions that flood back whenever I see photos of Colin. I feel being so far away and not being able to get information as easily as they do in the UK makes the loss feel even greater.

          • Hi Diane…. glad you enjoyed them. I am in the States too although I’m from Wales originally! Well to answer your question.. I was hoping that if we keep this blog going.. I’ll write more.. perhaps others can too.. and the numbers grow… we can then get it to their attention. I really don’t think they realized the effect this would have; I also almost think they were going to make a Series 6 and then for whatever combined reasons it did not happen and that decision may have been made quickly; thus the abrupt ending. I feel there are a lot of fans saying ‘omg’ but I wanted to write something solid that if they read they might pay attention to; particularly if a lot of people start signing up, commenting, agreeing…. so share and spread and the word! If it gets to a certain number I would even be willing to write something for us to send to them …. Merlin needs to continue!

          • That would be awesome, to get this to them. I too believe they were planning on 6 and I personally think Bradley didn’t want to go forward (that’s me though) and therefore the rushed ending. I’d love to see more Merlin (even without Bradley) I just can’t get enough of Colin Morgan. Never have I been taken with and actor as I am with him, and he was more the awesome as Merlin. I’ll help in any way I can to get this blog noticed just tell me what to do. I’m located in NC, You?

          • Hi Diane.. I’m in Hawaii! Well if you can tweet, fb the blogs and send links to anyone who is also a Merlin fan. I think it makes a difference the number of comments.. & subscribers.

            I want other people to write pieces too if they would like. Are you up for that? More articles, more views equals a higher view…

  46. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone, but how do we stop this sorrow and pain. I am a bit tired of the tears. My daughter deserves her mother to be happy like she was before Christmas eve. I feel like I’ve lost a two good friends, Merlin and Colin. I understand trying to things to get your mind off of it but seems all the things I do remind me of Merlin or Colin. Sometimes I feel like maybe I’ll be O.K. then something reminds me of them and I start with the tears again. UGGGHH. I need help. Living in the states put distance between me and Colin and any info I can find out about his future projects and that adds to the grief. What am I to do?

  47. I have been very upset since watching the final episode and wondered why it hit me so hard,I have watched since the first episode and it has always a programme to watch when you want to escape to a place where magic exists and there are dragons and heroes .Life is hard and we need to escape sometimes.I hoped there would be a happy ending and that Merlin would save Arthur and we would see them return to Camelot ,I felt cheated and betrayed watching Arthur die and Merlin left alone,if the series had to end why such a sad ending.As someone who suffers badly from depression and finds Christmas a hard time I could not accept the ending,I wish I had not watched it as it has made a hard time so much worse.

    • Hello Linda…. Yes, gosh it was hard to do Xmas after that wasn’t it? Don’t lose hope! Did you read the other post about the return of Arthur? I will be posting yet more on this… and I’m hoping that this will be a place where people can share their feelings and find support. Blessings to you..

  48. Thank you so much for making me feel less lonely in what I thought were irrational feelings for someone of my age. I have a son the same age as Colin and almost felt ashamed that I could let a television series affect me so much. I am angry with the ending of the series, we were left with absolutely no hope of a reunion for Arthur and Merlin shown in graphic desolation with Merlin, now an old and lonely man still waiting for his friend to return. I think it was incredibly cruel for the loyal fans. I have always said that the people responsible for creating Merlin didn’t owe us anything, but some respect and understanding would have been nice. It was as if they decided that although they didn’t want to continue they didn’t want to make it easy for anyone else to if they wanted to, a very selfish attitude. They could have finished it in so many ways that would have left the fans with just a little hope but they chose to ride roughshod over the very people who made the show such a success. I will never forgive them for that. It may have been just a job to them but it was so much more for us, left bereft and grieving. Shame on them.

    Finally I have to say that the lies about the possibility of a 6th series were utterly inexcusable as was the announcement made at midnight on a Sunday night, many fans sat up even though they had school the next day, some even had exams to sit, all were left utterly devastated. Whoever was responsible for that debacle should be sacked.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear my head of the clutter of despair that the end of Merlin has left me in. Love and hugs to all Merlin fans. x

    • I’m so glad that the piece helped you with your feelings around it; I think that’s why I had to examine my own feelings so deeply and then write something because initially I thought there was something wrong with me! But yes, it really has touched a nerve with us all hasn’t it?

      I totally sympathize with your comments about the way it all finished…. I am not in the UK so I did not realize what had happened with the 6th series announcement.. gosh that sounds awful, especially for all those who had to go to school, sit exams and such.

      Well I’m hoping that if this discourse continues and grows and more people get together to express how they feel, that something can be done in the future… did you read the other post? It does suggest some possibilities.. and yes, love and hugs to all Merlin Fans… Ditto!

  49. The way they protrayed the characters was very different from other versions. Merlin and Arthur were seen with real emotions, people who cared, they loved and hated one another sometimes. We saw their vunerable sides, this made us love them all the more. That magic chemistry will not be seen again on TV again for a while, if ever.

  50. Thank you so much, you’ve answered my question. Even though I knew it was coming I still felt well like you. I couldn’t understand how I could feel this way. So thank you I’ve never been good with words and wow, now I won’t feel bad about mourning the death of him.

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